Spooky Memories

Happy Halloween Day everyone! 🙂 While in India, I was barely aware of this. But here they celebrate it in a very grand manner. This year we had a pumpkin decoration contest at office. My friend S suggested that we participate and I agreed instantly. We started planning on how to decorate. They said they... Continue Reading →

Direction Impaired

Who : Avada Kedavra What : Direction Impaired Tangy: What happens if you are direction impaired and rely on gadgets like GPS for navigating? Avada shares an experience of her which is loaded with humour and one can imagine what she would have gone through. Have you experienced anything similar? Do let us or Avada... Continue Reading →

I love Sam Gamgee

I had posted some LOTR quotes here earlier.. I watched all the three movies again back to back (which meant that I spent one whole day - from morning 11 to night 11 watching them 😛 ).. I am mad about LOTR.. I loveeee the story, the plot, literally EVERYTHING about it... This time I... Continue Reading →

A sad day indeed

I had never lost any friend of mine so far in my life.. This was the first time when I had to undergo through such a pain.. 😦 One day suddenly one of my friend called up and she said that my friend B met with an accident.. I was totally shocked.. I knew that... Continue Reading →

Getting Along!

I found this nice article from a site.. Read this about a female called Melissa: A Lesson from Episode One of The Apprentice by Donald J. Trump It's important to be a team player and to get along with your coworkers. It's critical not to ruffle feathers by being negative and having an attitude. In... Continue Reading →

Satire success

Drama/dance and me.. Impossible! Well, I belonged to the category of people who would run away if asked to take part in any drama or dance or anything to do with stage.. Let me recall...hmm.. While at primary, I had danced a couple of times for school day.. Then ofcourse, the Durga pooja and Kali... Continue Reading →


This post was pending from a very long time... We, classmates, were supposed to meet after a very long time..people planned for a trip to wonderla.. I went to Deeps' place..Deeps and I waited for almost an hour to receive a missed call from the others..but no one turned up..we started feeling tense hoping that... Continue Reading →

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