Travel bug

I love to travel and looks like this travel bug caught me quite early in life. One of the reasons for liking travel is probably the nomadic nature of my early life when we switched cities every few years. It was fun relocating to an entirely new city, going to a new school in a totally different area with different set of people. Couple of decades back, I was watching travel shows and writing the names of the places that were shown in the various episodes of the TV series. This was my first travel bucket list which listed all the places that I wanted to visit. Continue reading

It’s a date

For me, dates have never been important. I don’t really care if it is someone’s birthday or anniversary or whatever. Dates are dates, that’s it. As long as you care for a relationship, dates are not important. I somehow try to remember the dates of close ones, like mom, dad, husband and few cousins. Other than that, I am lazy to remember birthdays and other dates.

We are now in the 21st century, which is essentially Facebook century where everything happens through the broadcast medium only.

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