Racetrack road at Death Valley

Every single website that I browsed while we planned for our Death Valley trip, mentioned Artist’s drive. So we at least knew that we must not miss this point. We wanted to catch sunset at this point, if possible. We started driving on this road which you can only enter on the way back from Badwater Basin.

We came to a point where we saw plenty of people looking at the canyons and assumed that was the Artist’s Palette. After climbing a rock and taking a look around, we realized it was a different point. We again rode ahead and reached the real point which had colorful rocks. We could see the sunset, but the sun was covered with clouds so the rays could not reach the rocks and we could not see the colorful display that they talk about. We did see the colors but they were not bright enough and my camera did not do a very good job of capturing them. So I will just leave you with the sunset photo that I took there.

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Death Valley – Part 1

We made a 4 day trip to Death Valley National Park last year. We saw snow capped mountains, snow lying on the ground, salt deposits, sand dunes, Joshua trees, lakes, canyons – such diversity in landscape that we were in awe of its natural beauty.

First day, we drove to Death Valley via Sequoia National Park (freeway 178). This route was pretty scenic, especially when we crossed Walker Pass. We took a small detour and entered Lone Pine city to catch a glimpse of the tallest mountain in California – Mt. Whitney. There were many peaks in Sierra Nevada mountain range and it was difficult to spot Mt. Whitney among them. We went to a gift shop and inquired, upon which the person at the counter pointed us to the right peak. Lone Pine peak looks taller as it is closer.

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Things to do at night – Death Valley

When we recently planned a trip to Death Valley National Park, people said spending 3 days in Death Valley would be wasteful since there wasn’t much to do in Death Valley. But 3 days were not enough for Death Valley. Really! There is a lot to see and do!

Death Valley is gifted with a dark night sky. I could see more stars in the sky than I have ever seen. There is hardly any light pollution and there is so much you can do at night.

  1. Sleep under the stars.

    This is something that was on my to-do list for a long time.

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