Classics challenge

I have not read many classics as a kid or a teenager as I was not even aware of any. My native language is not English and there were not many English language readers in my family. My father read English novels but mostly espionage, crime fiction or thrillers (which are not what I like).... Continue Reading →

Reading Challenge 2014

My 2013's challenge was here:┬áReading Challenge 2013. I did not complete most of the challenges that I signed up for and even for those that I completed, I did not find enough time to write proper reviews. 2013 has been pretty hectic as it was our "travel" year. We dedicated all the time and money... Continue Reading →

Reading Challenge 2013

2012 has been a pretty hectic year because of the wedding, moving back to US, finding a job and then trying to manage home and office alone (also with hubby's help). But still getting adjusted to so many new things and phases in life pretty much drained all my strength. So I was pathetic as... Continue Reading →

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