Top Ten Fantasy Books on my TBR

While writing this post about top ten SF books on my tbr, I realized I had quite a few fantasy books that I was eager to get to. So I made a separate post about the top ten fantasy books on my TBR for 2019. Here are the ten fantasy books on my immediate tbr... Continue Reading →

Book Stats and TBR for rest of 2017

It's already July and half of the year is gone! I recently did some massive unhauls of books that I had read but not liked and some books which I had no intention of reading. Now half of my collection consists of unread books, since most of the read books which did not get 4... Continue Reading →

Books on my shelves

I always wanted to have a home library of my own with all the books that I love. I have been discarding books that I do not like and have been collecting those that are my favorites for sometime now. I finally added all the books that I own into an excel sheet. I, then,... Continue Reading →

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