Book haul in Dec and Jan

I did some more book shopping in the end of December and early January. I usually decide what books I am going to read even before the year starts. I like to plan what I am going to read early on, rather than pick random books to read. Sometimes, sales and discounts make me buy... Continue Reading →

Dec-Jan Ebooks haul

I am planning to make this a regular feature on this blog. It gives me an idea as to how many books I am hoarding on my Kindle. And *might* make me reduce the number of times I hit buy when I see books on deals. After thanksgivings, it was the Christmas and New year sales... Continue Reading →

November ebooks haul

This is the first thanksgivings where I have shopped so much online. Not that I would shop offline on Black Friday. I have never shopped during the thanksgivings time since I was never in town during that time :P. Since we get 4 days off, every single year we went on a trip somewhere. Even... Continue Reading →

Recent book haul

Thanksgivings = sales and sales = shopping. This is what happened from last few weeks. There were so many deals that I could not resist myself from buying a truckload of books. Earlier this year, I had resolved to not buy any more books, but still ended up buying many. From now onwards, I want... Continue Reading →

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