Books from library – Reviews

This month I read 4 books from the library which is huge since I normally don't borrow books from the library. One was an audiobook (The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks) and the rest were graphic novels. Graphic Novels from Library: Jerusalem by Guy Delisle - 4 stars - It is a graphical novel which... Continue Reading →

My brief history by Stephen Hawking

This is an autobiography of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking. He is one person who has probably inspired me the most in my life. His book "A brief history of time" made me fall in love with physics more than a decade back. So happy that I read this book finally about him and his... Continue Reading →

Enid Blyton: The Biography – Review

Enid Blyton: The biography by Barbara Stoney Enid Blyton - "the most prolific, successful, yet controversial children's writer of all time" (taken from the book) is my most favorite author ever. She had a depressing, horrible childhood (just like I thought she would). Her father who was closest to her, left her and her mother for another... Continue Reading →

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