Best Books of 2018

Finally I am here with my Top 10 list of favorite books from 2018. I read many amazing books last year and it was difficult to come down with just 10 books for this list. But here is a list of 10 books that entered my favorites list, in no particular order –

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Best Books of 2017

I read a total of 96 books in 2017, out of which a major portion were graphic novels and comics. I will do a separate best graphic novels/comics list. This list just has full length novels. I loved way too many books this year but I am narrowing the list to include 12 books only. Continue reading

TTT: Top ten latest best reads

Today’s topic at Broke and Bookish is to list top ten latest 5 star reads. I don’t usually give 5 stars to a book unless it is exceptionally good. A book which gets 5 stars from me usually ends up in my favorite books shelf. Most of the 5 star books on my shelf are my all-time favorites. So I don’t really have many 5 star reads in the recent years. My ratings are usually 3-4 depending on whether or not I liked the book. So I decided to list some of my recent best reads as part of this tag. Some of these books were rated 5 and some 4 by me on Goodreads. But I strongly recommend that you read these books, as I definitely enjoyed reading all these ten books.

toptentuesday2 First five of these books were read by me in this year 2016 (I read 13 books this year but most of them were disappointing), the other five were read in 2014. I am not listing the books that I liked in 2015, since I have already done a post on my favorite reads of 2015 here and I don’t want to repeat the same books here.
So these are my top ten best reads –

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Movies of 2013

I watched quite a few movies this year and many of them were good. I thought I will list and briefly review the movies that I watched this year.

  1. Oblivion

    We went to this movie without any expectations on the day it got released. It was an impulsive decision that we made just by looking at the trailer. The movie had so many twists and turns that I stopped guessing what would happen after a while, since nothing that I predicted happened. After a long time, I liked a sci-fi movie. And it has Tom Cruise in it. What more reasons do you need to watch it? 🙂
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