November Wrap Up

November was not such a great reading month for me as I hit the reading slump. Nothing I picked held my attention and I ended up starting and not finishing a lot of books. November was also the month for reading nonfiction so I attempted to read some nonfiction this month. I also picked some books from library after a long time and finished them in November. I also have some library books to read in December.

I read 3 nonfiction books – out of which one was a proper book and rest 2 were graphic novels. I read just one fiction novel this month belonging to fantasy genre. Apart from these, I read four more graphic novels/comics – bringing my total graphic novel/comic count to 6 and only 2 novels. When I am in a reading slump, I gravitate towards comics/graphic novels as they can be read in less time and with less mental effort.

So these are the books I read in November –

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Nonfiction Book Haul – Part 2

Usually, we end up buying books that others recommend to us. Rarely do we browse through synopsis of books and pick books that interest us. I recently shopped for books by just choosing ones that interested me, without checking the reviews online. None of these books were recommended by any of the book reviewers out there. So these are some books I chose myself and I have a feeling I will love all these. I did a similar haul back in Jan which you can find here – Nonfiction book haul.

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Star Gazing

Hubby and I started off with this hobby recently by enrolling into an astronomy club. Thankfully, we both love science and astronomy and hence it is just awesome fun. Attended couple of talks and hubby ended up buying another telescope for himself. I already had one.We bought another reflector, this one bigger than the old one that I had.

We attended a solar gazing day when I first had a look at sun spots and solar flares. I had never seen them before through my naked eyes. I had always seen them on the TV or internet. It was just amazing to see those spots vanishing and appearing or even moving. Solar flares were even more amazing to look at. I resolved to make my daughter or son an astronomer 😛 Even if he/she hates astronomy, he/she has to become a scientist atleast for his/her parents’ sake 😀 lol. I want to next buy a solar telescope soon.

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Seriously Science – II

Let’s look at some moons this time. I got a chance to click some pics of our moon sometime back when it was almost full moon and again recently just few days back. Like somebody suggested last time, I should probably name this series as sci-pho, since most of the time I end up with some pics I clicked.



Jupiter’s moons are more interesting compared to our dead moon, with no geological activity on it. Io has active volcanoes that keep ejecting Sulphur Dioxide. Europa has icy surface, below which water might exist. Neptune’s moon Triton is another interesting moon, which has geysers that eject Nitrogen. Moons of the outer planets are much more interesting than the planets themselves. Recently Gliese 581g planet was in news since scientists predicted that it might be habitable. But then another scientist gave a statement saying it may not be completely true. Let’s see what else we are going to discover in future 🙂

Seriously Science – I

I am planning to start this new series of posts on Science, on a topic in Science. My mom noticed this streak of orange-ish red sun rays one morning and called me to take its pic. It does look like a solar storm effect. Look at the sun particles scattered beautifully all over the blue sky. One thing that I have on my to-do list is watching the Auroras. They must be so beautiful with neon lights glowing in the sky. One thing to watch out for is 2012. It has been predicted that sun will be at its maximum intensity in 2012 and it might result in one of the biggest solar storms we have witnessed on Earth. Is the world really going to end? or we will be just left with some days of no telecommunications and electricity? or there wont be a huge solar storm? Let’s wait for 2 more years to figure that out 🙂


Planetary Missions


Who : Avada
What : Planetary Missions
Spicy : Avada has a geeky post after a long time in her own words and we liked it. It is a post about the planetary missions which have been sent to the space from the earth. A very well researched post and a sure read.

Long time and no geeky post from my side! Let me start with one here.

Our ancestors observed the night sky and we had always wondered about moon. Now that we know there is nothing on moon, not even an atmosphere, we are kind of sure there is no life on moon. The next target for these days has been Mars, the only planet which “might” have life on it, other than Earth and we have seen lot of hype about the missions to mars like Mars Rover et al. And it is a confirmed news that humans are going to land on Mars in the beginning of the next decade.. Awesome, isn’t it? Let me dedicate this post to the Apollo 11 mission (when man first landed on moon), which completed 40 years of moon landing recently!!!

“That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”, as Neil Armstrong rightfully said.


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