Kinokuniya Bookstore Visit

This is the second post in my series of posts on bookstores. Link to my previous bookstore visit post.

I first came to know about Kinokuniya bookstore when I enquired about Death Note funko pops at a Japanese store in a local mall. The shopkeeper asked me to check in the Kinokuniya bookstore. I visited a small local branch of this bookstore in South Bay which is inside a Japanese super market but I wasn’t that impressed with the manga collection there. Recently, during a visit to San Francisco, I checked their San Francisco branch and it was amazing.

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City Lights Bookstore visit

Recently when I was reading a book about Shakespeare and company, I came across this bookstore. The author mentioned that Lawrence Ferlinghetti who stayed at Shakespeare and Co. opened this bookstore after returning to US. He said this is like a sister bookshop to Shakespeare and Co. and I was immediately interested in visiting this bookstore. Continue reading

Travel souvenirs

What do you guys usually get as a souvenir when you travel? We often buy something that can remind us about the trip and the places we visited as part of the trip. Some people collect fridge magnets. I used to collect them too but with a stainless steel fridge, I don’t have any place to put them. These days, instead of getting magnets which are of not much use, I get books. I usually end up buying books about the place I am visiting – mostly about the National Park or city I am visiting along with some about the history of the place, geology, wild life and vegetation etc. I love browsing through these books after my trip in order to refresh my memory. These books also provide me with more information about the places I visited as part of my trip along with some stunning photographs. I love collecting travel books. I got plenty when I visited Alaska and Hawaii too. I cannot find all the books that I bought in my various trips online or in a bookstore, so I try to buy them when I visit a place.

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First Disneyland trip

We made our first official trip with our one and a half year old son. We did a short trip when he was one year old to Lake Tahoe but that was a pretty short trip and he did not even understand much then. He had fun playing with the sand on the beach there. But other than that, we were pretty hesitant to take him on a trip as we were worried about his food and lot of other things. We finally made a trip to LA and took him to Disneyland and Universal Studios in December during the Christmas time.

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First zoo visit

This weekend we went out for probably the first time after the little one made an entry into the world. We did go to hospitals/doctors and dined out few times but never made a day trip with the little one so far. He loves animals just like all the other kids so we thought why not take him to the local zoo. So we made a trip to San Francisco Zoo this weekend.

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New cuisines to try list

After my previous post about trying Moroccan food, I realized that it had been very long since I had tried any new cuisine. At some point of time, I was very eager to try out new cuisines, but of late I have not experimented much with food. Being away from India makes me crave only for Indian dishes. I do want to try some new cuisines and hence this post.

I just browsed through yelp to see what cuisines I have never tried before and found such a huge list. I am not sure I can try all these cuisines as most of them have very limited vegetarian options. I definitely would have tried all of them had I been eating non-vegetarian food. But still I hope to eat something in these restaurants some day.

I found out from yelp that my city has restaurants from all these countries. I was shocked to see the list. Idea behind this post is to make a note of all the possible cuisines available.

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Morocco’s restaurant

There was a time when I was very picky about food, but not anymore. I had written a post here earlier about how I am finally able to experiment with food and try out new cuisines. Recently I got to try Morocco’s cuisine which I had never tried before. In fact, I did not even know that restaurants from this country even existed in US. My team was taken to this restaurant for lunch and I went with the idea that I will not like the food. I glanced through the menu and I had no idea about most of the dishes. Then our team came with the idea of having a family style lunch, where you order multiple dishes and share them. That sounded good as I no longer had to scratch my head to select a dish. My boss did that on our behalf.

Morocco’s restaurant is located in Mountain View, California on the Castro Street, closer to El Camino Real. I love walking on Castro Street as it is lined with restaurants on either side of the road. The downtown feeling that you get there is unmatched. But we end up having difficulty in finding a parking spot on that street as the restaurants are usually crowded. Thankfully, we found a spot right in front of the restaurant. There are multiple parking spaces in front of this restaurant, so parking should not be a problem.

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