My first UK trip

I went on my first UK trip and it took me a week to recover from the trip as it was exhausting. We tried to cover a lot in a single trip and that resulted in all of us getting extremely tired. This was our first actual trip to a foreign country and it required a lot of planning from our side before the trip since we were traveling with a toddler. Even with our exhaustive planning, a lot of things did not go as planned. I was still able to cover most of the must see places that I had on my list.

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UK Trip Planning

My dream is finally coming true. We are going to visit UK this summer. I have been dreaming about visiting London for god knows how long. It was at the top of my must see before I die list and part of every bucket list I ever made for myself.
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UK: Enid Blyton and Harry Potter

I love to travel as you all know already. I love armchair travel more than actually travelling to places. Reading books about places is even better than actually visiting those places – because it is cheaper, more convenient and you can get more information than you can even at that location. Also when you are travelling, you hardly have time to stop at one place and admire the beauty of that place or appreciate the history associated with it. This is more so when you spend $$$$ to visit a foreign country. I usually search for books about places that interest me and read about them. I have reviewed many travel books on this blog (you can check them in the “Old posts” page).

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My travel wishlist – 2

My previous list here consisted of places that I am planning to visit in near future (if I can). But this post will have another list of places that I have been wanting to visit from God-knows-how-long. These countries are far and making a trip to these places would make us spend $$$$, so I am not sure when I can visit these places. I am putting this post here, so that I can daydream about these places –

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10 Places I want to see in UK

I recently finished “Notes from a small Island” by Bill Bryson. I did not quite like the book that much, mainly because Bryson is pretty mean and rude to others. But I did get some information about places in UK. Based on that information, I came up with this list to help me when I visit UK. Please add any other place to this list if you found it interesting. People from UK like Bikram can help me out with this list.

Other than the usual places like Buckingham Palace, London Bridge and Stonehenge, I found some more interesting places from this book.

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Columbus Columbus

One of my greatest passions in life is “travelling”.. I love travelling, visiting new places and exploring history.. I did some exploration of the Columbus’ land but not upto my satisfaction.. Reason: Haven’t found someone as passionate for exploring places as I am.. I did see some places which were on my must-see-places list like Meteor Crater, Volcano, Nuclear missile etc but I still have Yellowstone national park on my list for which I have not found a company still 😦 In those days, all these explorers must have had such nice time right? But tuff times too.. I mean, you are on this ocean and you dont know where it is going to take you.. They must have been so brave.. Columbus just headed west where not even a single person had dared to go earlier.. Why is my life not adventurous or interesting? It is so mundane with no excitement

My favourite thing in this universe is “Nature”.. I would rather visit a national park and admire the animals or look at a mountain and admire its beauty than visit Las Vegas/New york.. I love animals.. all kinds of them.. But there are some people who just take a backpack and travel alone like one of my teammates who went to the first place on my must-see-places list..  😦

There are still some places that I would want to visit before I bid my final “good bye”..

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