Big Sur road trip

This year the only activity that I have been doing consistently is “travelling”. I haven’t had much time to do anything else this year. So yes this year, I have been blogging mostly about the places I’ve had the chance to visit.

This was yet another place on our list for a long time now. Last year we drove through Big Sur in California without stopping, since we were getting late. But the scenery was so beautiful that it made us plan another trip, this time a casual one with lot of time at hand.


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Today saw the supermoon for the second time in my life. We even went for a drive just to catch a better glimpse of the moon. How could I not capture it on camera?

Earlier supermoon pic that I saw in India is here:

On Sunday (June 23), the moon will be at its closest point to Earth — called perigee. This relatively close brush will happen as the moon enters its fullest phase, creating the cosmic coincidence known as the supermoon. At its fullest and closest, the moon will appear about 12 percent larger in the sky.  (Taken from link)


Playing with light

There was a time when I was really into photography. I was very much interested and then suddenly I lost interest because of various reasons. Now suddenly after couple of years, I am again taking some time to shoot some pics on and off. With summer already here, there is more such opportunity to shoot good pics. Here are a few that I took recently:


Flowers near the beach

Spring is here. Now is the time to admire the oh-so-beautiful flowers. I love photographing flowers the most, more than anything else in the world. Captured some flowers when we recently went to Foster City Beach. It is supposedly famous for shells. The beach is full of shells and you won’t find sand there. Not a great beach but I did find some interesting flowers somewhere close to the beach.


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