Playing with light – 2

Some more experiments hubby and I did yesterday. Hubby is more creative than I am when it comes to composing a pic. Second pic was totally his idea, even though I clicked it. Will be back with more pics soon šŸ™‚

Playing with light

There was a time when I was really into photography. I was very much interested and then suddenly I lost interest because of various reasons. Now suddenly after couple of years, I am again taking some time to shoot some pics on and off. With summer already here, there is more such opportunity to shoot... Continue Reading →

Birds and a cart

Recently visited the local zoo and captured some birds. Majestic Eagle. I felt sad to see it in chains. Penguin Vulture with his huge wings, yet unable to fly since it was also chained to the ground. A cart which I saw at a Napa Valley winery and instantly fell in love with:

Flowers near the beach

Spring is here. Now is the time to admire the oh-so-beautiful flowers. I love photographing flowers the most, more than anything else in the world. Captured some flowers when we recently went to Foster City Beach. It is supposedly famous for shells. The beach is full of shells and you won't find sand there. Not... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday – 2

Better late than never šŸ˜› Supermoon and Air Show. Clicked atĀ Aero India 2011 Show onĀ 12 Feb 2011, at Air force station Yelahanka, Bengaluru Supermoon (on 19th March 2011)Ā full moon that coincided with a close approachĀ by theĀ Moon to theĀ Earth (moon was within aboutĀ 221,567 miles of Earth).

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