One Republic and The Script concert

I wrote a post on One Republic band here and also cribbed about how I missed their concert last year. And then what do I see? I see an update that they are doing a tour again this year. This time I did not want to miss their concert. I immediately checked the venue and it was... Continue Reading →

One Republic

For some reason, I like boy bands a lot when it comes to music. I remember liking Backstreet boys to start with. They were the first American band that I loved. And then there were many but I never loved a band that much. I would listen to few songs and then move on to... Continue Reading →

Bryan Adams in India

Finally! I made up my mind and finished this post after like 2 weeks. Bryan Adams made a world tour and there was a show of his in Bengaluru recently. I had once bought tickets for a Celine Dion show, which got postponed 😦 I wanted to attend a Bon Jovi concert, but did not... Continue Reading →

Savage Garden

I am dedicating this post to my favourite band "Savage Garden".. I love all their songs.. For people who havent heard this band, start with "I knew I loved you before I met you".. The songs are so well-written and more than that, I love Darren Hayes' voice.. He has such a sweet voice.. My... Continue Reading →

Jai Hind

"I always believed there were two kinds of men in this world; men who go to their deaths screaming; and men who go to their deaths in silence. And then I met the third kind..." Happy Independence Day (August 15) / Happy Republic Day (January 26).. Proud to be an Indian!!!!!!!!!!!! Salutations to these great... Continue Reading →

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