Nonsense in Indian movies

So recently we were discussing about that controversial movie Padmavati or Padmavat or whatever they are calling it now. I do not agree with the fact that one should burn buses or whatever to protest. I did not watch the movie and never will. But I couldn't not agree with people when they said historical... Continue Reading →

Minimalism : Part 1 (Reduce)

I have always been a collector of key chains, bookmarks, books, CDs, DVDs etc. I like collecting so my house and my room in my parents' house had turned into a museum. I did not use more than 50% of the items I owned and they were just there because I did not want to throw... Continue Reading →

Random thoughts

Just some random thoughts. It was a while since I did a post on anything other than books. I have been part of many Facebook or WhatsApp groups and I have noticed a common trend these days. People are rude. They comment very rudely if they do not agree with you. Are people more rude on the... Continue Reading →

Why feminism again?

We are living in 21st century and I still have to explain people why we need feminism. *Super face palm* Women associate feminism with man bashing and keep saying I am not a feminist. I see more women who claim to be anti-feminist in the society who have no idea what feminism even means. Feminism... Continue Reading →

Life update

It's been long since I spoke about what's going on in my life. I guess it is time for an update. Life with a toddler is pretty tough. Especially a toddler who doesn't care about food or eating. Every time he eats something for lunch or dinner, we feel we have accomplished something. He is... Continue Reading →


Today I got the news that my paternal grandmother is no more. I am a human so if I see another human suffering, I cannot not feel bad even if it is my enemy. So today I have mixed feelings. I am in a way happy that finally we are rid of the evil woman who... Continue Reading →

Avoiding conflict

I have always disliked conflicts. I try hard to please people, to not make enemies out of others and want to be friendly with anyone and everyone. And this has been the cause of my doom. People take me for granted, think that no matter how much they harm me, I am going to silently... Continue Reading →

Why the word feminist?

I wrote about how "We should all be feminists" by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was one of my favorite reads of this year. I was planning to write a review of that book but somehow could not. I am pasting here my most favorite lines from that book where she explains why we need the word "feminist"... Continue Reading →

Modern girl ?

Is a girl modern only if - she chooses to sleep with any man she wants - she wears skimpy clothes - she hits bars and pubs and drinks - is aware of the current fashion trends and likes wearing makeup What if a girl - just wants to earn her own living and not... Continue Reading →

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