Weekend games

Rainy season it is and what do we do for timepass? Games 😀 Yeah I love games and all sorts of them. This week and last weekend just went in playing games. What games you ask eh? Check this: PS3 I am totally addicted to it and have wasted lot of time playing games on... Continue Reading →

Spooky Memories

Happy Halloween Day everyone! 🙂 While in India, I was barely aware of this. But here they celebrate it in a very grand manner. This year we had a pumpkin decoration contest at office. My friend S suggested that we participate and I agreed instantly. We started planning on how to decorate. They said they... Continue Reading →

Direction Impaired

Who : Avada Kedavra What : Direction Impaired Tangy: What happens if you are direction impaired and rely on gadgets like GPS for navigating? Avada shares an experience of her which is loaded with humour and one can imagine what she would have gone through. Have you experienced anything similar? Do let us or Avada... Continue Reading →

English in US ;)

Sometimes, you meet people who say "I heared that", "I am not quiet sure about it" or "ur working?" or "she teached them the assignments" or "sports: batminton".. Recently, I got a mail which read " When I drafted the letter, I should remove the word distinguish from the subject line" .. What this person... Continue Reading →

Done with IP

Got my IP (instruction permit) done after procrastinating for like an year.. It's very similar to the learner's licence test in India..but needs little bit of preparation from our part since the rules are many and we are aware of none.. Having ridden on the Blore roads, people forget even the basic rules of driving..... Continue Reading →

Setting ablaze

Living independently requires you to learn cooking.. I never ever entered the kitchen in my life before (not even to get water) and suddenly was made to cook 😮 You can imagine the situation! Initially it used to so spicy that I would keep a chocolate with me for emergency situations 😛 Now kinda improved... Continue Reading →

One semester over

It's been five months since I came to US. After slogging for 5 months continuously, it was time for a break. I never even skipped having a chocolate bar on time back home. I became like a Somalian during those exam days when there was nothing to eat. More appropriate explanation for starving can be... Continue Reading →

Abstemiousness to gluttonousness

Food was something I always avoided eating. My mom would do every possible thing to make me eat on time, which I never did. I abstained from eating. But now the things have changed completely. I have become a foodie totally. I love eating and would be dying to eat. This can be attributed to... Continue Reading →

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