Random post

Life has improved a lot as I started my new job. I am loving the new team, manager who is extremely soft spoken and the work which is quite interesting. I am trying to learn everything and fit into the new environment. I am definitely not missing my old team and work that I did there. 🙂
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Language fixation

This is something that has been there on my mind for a long time. I realized it was time to put it on the blog so that I can stop thinking about it. It usually works that way for me. This blog is like a pensieve where I dump my thoughts so that my brain can free up that much space.

What I have noticed is that almost everyone many people from India who are settled in US talk to their children (no matter how old their children are) in English. Only in English.

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Thanksgivings trip

K organized this trip entirely for thanksgivings holidays. 9 of us went on a trip together and it was fun. I don’t remember the last trip when I had enjoyed this much. This was our first trip with friends after marriage. K had booked a cabin near Lake Tahoe for 3 days. The group consisted of Me and my hubby, K and his wife A, P and his wife D, S and his wife Si and Sa who is still a bachelor. Everyone except for us left on wednesday evening itself and stayed at the cabin on wednesday night. We left on thursday morning and reached there at around 8:30 in the morning. There was hardly any traffic and we reached within 3 to 3 & 1/2 hours.

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Trip to Oregon

Hubby and I made a road trip recently and this was the longest we have made ever. He drove alone for about 1200 miles. And as a result, we ended up suffering from back ache and other body pains for over a week 🙂

I wanted to visit Oregon and Crater lake park from a very long time. Finally for the long weekend, we headed to Oregon. The drive is very beautiful and I was so busy clicking pics, that I hardly had time for anything else. I prefer not driving on scenic roads, since I can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside and can keep clicking pics whenever I want to 🙂 We stopped a lot of times on the way, whenever we saw a Vista point. As usual, I planned the entire trip and we covered everything we wanted to cover. Interestingly, they don’t let you fill gas on your own in Oregon. It’s just like in India where someone fills it for you.

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White Mountains

This post was lying in my drafts from God knows how many months/years 😛 Finally I completed and posted it today. I want this travelogue to stay in my memory forever, since this was the best trip I have ever had in my life 🙂

* A very long post alert *

This trip happened when I was in college and this was my first camping experience ever. We had a long weekend coming and the day before the holidays started or rather the night, we decided to go somewhere. Most of the people wanted to go to Vegas once again but then we started googling trying to find some interesting place. It was peak summer so we wanted to visit a place which was relatively cooler. Finally Su, the eldest in the gang suggested White Mountains in Show Low and we started hunting for cabins and camping grounds. Work was divided; so I started hunting for trekking trails which were scenic while others started looking for the accommodation.  As expected, we found everything booked well in advance so we were about to drop the idea, when a friend finally found a camping site which was not full. We booked it and meanwhile I found a nice trail close to the place we were camping. Only Su had been for camping once, for all the rest of us it was our first camping experience 🙂

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My encounters with food have been very interesting. If you happened to read my earlier post about food here: Abstemiousness to gluttonousness, you would know what I am talking about. There was a time when I hated eating and hated trying new food. There were very less number of dishes that I ate. But suddenly my hatredness towards food vanished into thin air. When mom made food was not available and after having eaten the food that I cooked, I think any food on this planet would feel tastier. When I can eat that horrible dish that I made, I can eat anything in any restaurant, as long as it is vegetarian. Why Vegetarian only? No, not because of caste or religion, it’s because I love animals and would not want to hurt them at any cost.

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Back to the Society

I am back with a post (after err..3 weeks?). I have not read any of the blogs. I have to catch up on other blogs too. There was a time when I had nothing much to do and now I am suddenly getting boggled with work. I was stuck in a training and as soon as I am back, I have hell lot of work to finish 😦

We had a session where we were supposed to write the activities that we like doing the most and using them find a dream job. Funnily, I just had eat, sleep, watch TV, movies etc on my list. I felt the best job which will allow me to do these activities would be that of a housewife. Later on, I found out that all the other girls had the same ‘dream job’ too. 🙂 Only one girl had the dream of winning a beauty pageant. There was a time when I wanted to do this and that but now I guess I am tired of all the running. Hopefully will get out of this phase soon.

One good thing that I did in these days is something that I wanted to do from a very long time. Our group went to a community service center in the town and we did some voluntary social service. It was quite tiring but I really had such a great feeling later on. I felt like I did something to the society. Earlier I had donated all my old clothes to such a center when I changed my city, but this time I was working there as a volunteer.


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