SciFiMonth 2019 TBR

Scifi month is back and I am participating this year as well. You can sign up if you are interested in reading and discussing science fiction with fellow fans here.

I had kept aside some books on my TBR so that I could read them in November. This time I planned my TBR well in advance. I read only fantasy in October and kept all my scifi reserved for scifi month.

So here are the books on my TBR –

  • Death’s End – I started this book but got distracted with other books on my shelf. Need to get back and find out how this series ends. It’s one of my favorite series and I am curious to see what’s going to happen. But I need some dedicated time to read this book and considering how hectic this month is going to be, I doubt I will be able to read it in Nov.
  • The Calculating Stars – This book won all the awards this year. I met the author last year at WorldCon and got both books in this series signed. I can’t wait to read this book and the second book in this series.
  • Recursion – If I am in the mood for a fast paced thriller, I might pick this book as it is bound to be a quick read.
  • Children of Time – I had this book even on my last year’s TBR. I have been wanting to read this book from last few years. For some reason, I have still not picked it.
  • Artificial Condition – I loved the first murderbot novella and have been meaning to read the other books in the series. This book won Hugo award this year which makes me want to pick it up ASAP. I will pick this up if I feel like reading something really quickly as it is a short novella. I also downloaded the audiobook version of this book and hope to listen to it during my commute. If I can finish this book quickly, I might pick up the sequels too.
  • Imyril announced a readalong for The Sparrow and I will be taking part in that as I have been meaning to read the book for quite sometime now. I am starting my ScifiMonth with this book as my first read.

Are you taking part in Scifi Month? If so, what are you reading?

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  1. Yay, Murderbot!

    Looks like at least three of us are planning to tackle Children of Time this month (you, me, Jessticulates) – although I know exactly why I keep putting it off. Spiders, ARGH!

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  2. I recently finished Death’s End, and the end is so intense!!! I struggled with the pacing, but it was worth it to get to the end.

    I’m so happy so many people are reading Murderbot, those books are so good! Artificial Condition was my favorite.

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    1. Oh I should read Death’s End soon then. The pacing is pretty uneven in those books but the concepts are mind blowing.
      I finished reading Artificial Condition and I think I preferred the first book in the series. 😦

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  3. Hallo, Hallo Avada!

    Despite an ackward start to our #SpacebornFew RAL this Friday, I’ve been having fun today visiting with everyone and sharing my 10 #BookishNotBookish Thoughts of a Sci Fi Geek wherein I shared some TBR (audiobook) spine poetry! I’m quite chuffed about that as I used the prompts to make a book tag but when it came to the poetry itself, I finally realised how to do those and I loved it dearly! So much fun!!

    I originally wanted to read Calculating Stars last year and I nearly fetched the audiobook for it this year but as you will see on my blog, I decided to go a different way. Esp when you see my first glimpse of a TBR via my #WWWeds post, the fuller announcement and cheekily way I reveal more of that TBR in the Bookish Not Bookish post and I also back-shared a spotlight for Jennifer Silverwood’s Heaven’s Edge novella series which was the topic of discussion during the first #SatBookChat #SciFiMonth chat I hosted on the 2nd! I’ve also archived that convo for everyone who missed it originally. I’ve had quite the busy week already!

    Now, I get the happy joy of settling into the stories and focusing on the reviews… however, this week I’m starting with back-hearing the last chapters from our #smallangryplanet RAL as I want to release the 3rd post – remember I never could pull that out of the hat? Whilst revealling my first post for the #spacebornfew RAL this week whilst I’m also sorting out the talking points too! *whew!*

    You’re doing what I’m doing – focusing on the stories you’ve put aside or couldn’t get into until this year. That’s the best part of readathons and events of this nature – it helps pull our focus together. I look forward to seeing your thoughts and reading your content throughout the month! May you have a lot of happy hours absorbed into these stories!

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    1. Hello Jorie, thank you so much for dropping by. Spine poetry sounds interesting. I need to give it a try someday too. Hope you have a great reading month this year. I signed for The sparrow readalong this year but ended up DNFing the book 😦 Looks like I am in the mood for something fast paced now as I am little busy with some personal issues so not able to find ample time to read. Hopefully next year I will make more time and will be able to read and blog about scifi more.

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