Minimalism: Part 5 (More Books)

I read more books on organization and minimalism recently and wanted to review them in this post.

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I picked up American Cozy and Organization Hacks from Powell’s Bookstore when I visited it in April. I didn’t even know that these books existed until I saw them on a shelf in the bookstore. I am so glad I picked these. American Cozy is mostly about adapting Hygge lifestyle in an american environment. And Organization Hacks gives hacks which were probably mostly inspired from Pinterest and other places. There are plenty of great hacks for storing, organizing everything at home. I then searched for photos on these hacks in Pinterest as the book does not have photos and implemented some of these wonderful hacks. Do pick these two if you are trying to get organized.

Photo Organizing made Easy by Cathi Nelson was a book that I found in my library. Again, I was not aware of this book until I saw it. The book has some tips on how you can organize your digital as well print photos but wasn’t super useful to me. It was too small and did not carry much that I did not already know. If you know a better book on this topic, please let me know.

I have heard everyone praise Joshua Becker about his books on minimalism. He has a facebook page that I follow and I read through some articles there. After liking his articles, I decided to read one of his books. I picked “The Minimalist Home” and it was great. Unfortunately, I read this book after reading plenty of other books on this topic so did not find it that useful. I am sure those who are just starting their minimalism journey will benefit a lot from this book. I did find some tips that I did not know earlier so it was not completely useless but it was targeted for those who have just started the journey.

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese tea ceremony which is all about preferring the everyday imperfect simple things over mass produced materials. At the core, it is a philosophy about simplicity in life and it will resonate with minimalists for sure. I loved reading this tiny book and would like to read in more depth about Wabi Sabi.

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  1. In addition to wabi-sabi, you could also read about the Japanese zen philosophy and tea ceremony. Very interesting concepts.

    I wonder if there is a book on minimal design. Would love to go through. BTW, I just listened to two non-fiction books from Audible, will review them shortly in my blog.

    Destination Infinity


  2. Joshua Becker’s book was good. He did have a couple great nuggets that I learned from his book too.


      1. His book, The More of Less, was excellent. I would read that book. He has another one related to children that I passed on.

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