2018 Reading Statistics and 2019 Goals

Happy New Year guys! 2018 is finally over and 2019 is here. 2018 has been a great year for me personally as things improved on the career front and I got to make some international trips – UK and Mexico. Life was hectic but eventful. I even got to attend Worldcon this year. Here’s hoping that 2019 will be equally good.

Link to my 2017 reading statistics and 2018 goals.

Coming to reading statistics from Goodreads –

I read 91 books this year with average length of 257 pages, which isn’t too bad. That comes to an average of 64 pages daily. I am happy with my reading this year as I got to read many great books which ended up on my favorites list. This was a year which was solely dedicated to Scifi and fantasy.

Now the genre breakdown looks like this –

Comics again were a major part of my 2018 reads, mostly because I was busy with other things like job interviews and did not find enough time to read a proper book. That reduced in the second half of 2018 after I had changed my job. I improved a lot wrt Non fiction this year as a major chunk of my reading was nonfiction. I hardly read anything other these and SFF books this year. Hardly any classics or YA.

Now on to the ratings I gave for the books on Goodreads:

I ended up DNFing a lot of books which would have gotten 1 star. That’s the reason why I have zero 1-star reads this year. Yay! That just means that I did not waste time reading books that I would have anyway ended up hating. I ended up with four 2-star reads. Rest of them were all 3,4 and 5 stars. Some of the books listed as 5 stars actually got 4.5 stars but Goodreads doesn’t have the decimal rating system, hence they got bumped to 5 stars.

Looking back at my 2018 goals –

  1. Buy less books and use library often. -I consider this a success partially as I did not buy comic books this year and only got them from library. I did use the library.

  2. Read less comics/graphic novels. – I read less than last year but still quite a lot of them. Carrying this goal to next year.

  3. Read only books that you find interesting and not because they are popular. – Yes! I did that. Carrying this goal to next year as well.

  4. Discover books that are not very well known/read in the reading community. – Not much success in this regard. But I did find some nonfiction gems this year.

  5. Reduce my physical TBR of books which is too high. – No success with that. The TBR is still too high. I am planning to go on a book buying ban this year.

  6. Take your time, enjoy reading instead of making it a chore. – I started doing this only towards the end of the year. 2019 is going to be a more relaxed year in terms of reading.

  7. Keep unhauling books that don’t get 4 or 5 stars. – Yes, I have been doing this.

  8. Reread more of your favorite books. – Total failure. Need to do this at least in 2019.

Along with these goals from last year, this year’s goal is –

To read huge fantasy books. They are intimidating and take lot of time but I want to read them. My Goodreads goal is going to be less this year so that I can focus on big books, instead of smaller ones which I end up reading just to meet the goal.

How was your reading in 2018? What are your goals for 2019?

9 thoughts on “2018 Reading Statistics and 2019 Goals

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  1. Ooo! nice stats! Well done on 91 books! that’s a lot. I seemed to give out a lot of 4-stars to this year, though my 5-star list is a lot small than yours. Looks like you’ve had a good reading year. Happy New Year and happy reading for 2019!


  2. I totally get the hurdle with large fantasy books. I just finished THE WAY OF KINGS by Brandon Sanderson, which at 1000 pages took me about two weeks to finish. I enjoyed it, but that book sat on my shelf for four years because every time I thought about reading it I went “But I could read three books in the time it takes me to finish that….” Finally made myself take the plunge and enjoyed the read! Good luck with all your goals this year, you’ve got some great ones! I, too, am going to try and use the library more!


    1. Exactly! This is why I have been putting them off. I hardly get time to read books so I want to read at least 3-4 books every month. If I pick a fantasy tome, I would be reading that one book an entire month which sounds like a waste of time. Especially when you have an overflowing tbr. Hopefully I will read some of them tomes this year.

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  3. Nice goals for 2019. I somehow have the hardest time getting rid of books. I can’t seem to part with them. I am planning on reading Mistborn trilogy this year. Have you read it before?


    1. I read the first Mistborn book and did not continue with the series. It was pretty good. I hope you like it. There was a time when even I could not get rid of books. Marie Kondo’s books and some other books on minimalism have changed my perspective a lot and now I am itching to get rid of books. Space is a concern too as I keep buying way too many books and can’t keep all of them.


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