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I have been overweight and obese from last few years. After my son was born, within just a few months, I lost all my pregnancy weight. But within a year, I gained plenty of extra pounds due to hormonal changes and a more sedentary lifestyle. I even stopped going to supermarkets and started ordering everything from Amazon with an Amazon Prime subscription and from Google shopping express, as it was difficult to take the baby along for shopping. I had zero time for self care or exercise since life was already hectic with a small baby and full time job. On top of that, I had a stressful life, thanks to the horrible team (and manager) that I was a part of. With lack of sleep, stressful life and hardly any exercise, I bloated like a pumpkin.

Now that the job part got fixed and the baby is now a toddler, my next target for this year and next year is to fix my body weight. I am planning to exercise and also switch to a healthier diet. Since we are vegetarians, our diet is high carb and mostly consists of rice and wheat. My son is very picky and because of this pickiness, I need to cook a healthy meal for him separately. As a result, I usually go for a single pot, quick fix dinner/lunch for adults. This results in a not-so-healthy meal quite often.

I read few books which were on my TBR for quite sometime about weight loss and healthy diet. I want us adults to switch to a healthier diet this year and for that, I did some research (which means read books). If I cannot figure out something, I go and buy a book on that topic, like Hermione.

The first author I picked has many bestselling books and is quite popular in India. I had seen many people praise her books so decided to pick 2 of her physical books and one ebook, while I was in India. Rujuta Diwekar‘s most popular book is “Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight”. She shot to fame after she helped Kareena Kapoor get a size 0 figure. This book is full of mumbaiya Hindi, references to Bollywood and movie stars. The author touts that Indian diet is extremely healthy, while everything eaten by people from other countries is unhealthy. I would like to ask the author why she thinks there are so many diabetics in India, if the diet is that healthy? There is at least one diabetic person in every single family now. Anyway, I did some research on her methods and they do not seem to be that reliable. She is not a medical professional, so any claims she makes has no medical background. Her books are full of pseudo science claims and I would take everything she says with a grain of salt. I tried couple of other books by her – “Women and the weight loss tamasha” and “Indian super foods”, but still not convinced that her methods work. If anybody has tried her methods and obtained success, please let me know.

I owned a copy of “The South Asian Health Solution” by Dr. Ronesh Sinha from 3-4 years I guess. I somehow did not read it until recently. This is probably the best book on diet I have ever read. The author talks about south asians specifically and all his advice is tailored to our lifestyle. I found this book extremely informative. The author, being a south asian himself, knows south asians and their vegetarian diet issues very well and being a medical doctor, knows what he is talking about. If you read one book on diet change, let it be this one.

I wanted to read yet another book on diet and that is when I saw someone recommend “The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung” on a reading group. I looked it up for reviews and found it to be a bestseller on Amazon. I got a copy and finished reading it this weekend. This book is again written by a doctor, who has done a lot of research on this subject matter. He explains why we become obese and what causes insulin resistance in a simple language. Even those without medical background can understand the problem of insulin resistance and diabetes, thanks to this book. He gives ample evidences and bases his claims on previous research done by other doctors in the past.

And then I got myself the book that started the gluten free revolution – Wheat Belly Cookbook by William Davis. This is the book which asked people to stop eating wheat and switch to other gluten free alternatives. I am planning to cut down on carbs – mainly wheat and rice and hoping that this book will help me in the process.

I have also been trying to switch to a vegan diet from last few years, without any success. I am not able to get rid of milk and yogurt from my diet since I love them, though I have been trying out some vegan recipes. I have started doing some research on gluten free, paleo and keto diets now.

Next step is implementation of everything that I learned in these books, which will hopefully happen soon. I don’t think I can remove sugar or carbs from my diet completely. My goal for next few months is to reduce the intake. I will update you guys on the outcome.

So have you read any book on dieting or weight loss? Have any of the approaches or fad diets worked for you?

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  1. I have done my share of dieting with twins. And like you pointed out it didn’t work for me. Its not that you can’t cook and veggie Indian healthy meal, you will still have to do your routine with kids and work etc. so I had to get used to the routine or be hungry. What worked for me instead of eat whatever healthy version I can get without losing my mind, but exercise. Adding that walk or yoga into my routine was also a nice me time bonus. Whatever you start set longer time goals. With a toddler and a job, it won’t be easy. Good luck 😊😃

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    1. There is hardly any time left for us after full time job and kids to even have a lunch, forget about healthy lunch. Some days I forget to even have my lunch. 🙂 I need to incorporate exercise into my routine somehow. I am too lazy to get up and move so I keep finding reasons to skip it. Need to make up some mind this year and do something about it. Thanks Dil.


  2. I too started with reducing the amount of food, around 5 years back. But then, I discovered that changing the diet and bringing in more physical activity is better.

    So I switched from rice to a millet called ‘Kambu’ (Bajra – I think). Eating a limited quantity with our regular sambar, rasam, etc. would fill my stomach. This did wonders considering it brought my weight down and maintained it right there. I consider it to be a superfood.

    Second, I walk for 45 minutes to one-hour every day. And I also go on short walks from time-to-time. Walking is a stress buster and a healthy practice.

    Nowadays, I have started eating rice once again. Actually, I am not able to eat a lot like earlier – so the body seems to have learnt to take care of itself I guess 🙂

    Destination Infinity

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    1. Thanks for telling me about your weight loss DI. That gives me some hope that even I can do it someday. For now, I am body shaming myself for having gained weight. I should start walking and exercising but I am just too lazy. I will do some research on Bajra then.


  3. Great post! It caught my attention because I have been thinking about picking up some books on weight loss myself but don’t know where to begin…the weight loss industry is saturated with them. About a year ago, I went bargain book shopping and found a book called “Mindless Eating” by Brian Wansink. At that time, I was not on any diet or even trying to lose weight, but my brother was, so I gifted him the book. He later told me that he really enjoyed it and learned a lot of practical things to help his weight loss. So, in a way, that’s the only book I can second-hand recommend. I’m thinking of asking if I can borrow it because I’m interested in reading it now that I’m also on a weight loss journey.

    About wanting to go vegan – I get you. I just turned to a plant-based diet last month, but I had tried last year as well and I wasn’t able to sustain it. This time I hope that it can be different for me, but I agree that it does require to give up the dairy which is difficult. For me cheesy pastas have been the dish I miss the most! But I believe it will be worth it 🙂

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    1. Exactly, there are too many weight loss books, diets in the market and it gets really confusing as to which one to pick up. For the longest time, I had no idea which one to read. But I would say, it is better to go with the ones written by doctors as they will be more medically accurate. It is difficult to give up on diary. I still haven’t been able to do that. I love cheese too. Thankfully, I wasn’t introduced to meat by my parents. I can totally understand how difficult it must be for those who eat meat to quit eating it. Thanks for the reco. I will try the “Mindless Eating” book.

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  4. I found your post intriguing as we have similar thought processes. One of my current goals is to get my budget on point. I picked up three books on budgeting on my trip to the library recently. (Using the library has certainly been good for my budget.)
    I have read The Obesity Code, but none of the rest of your list.

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  5. Over my 20+ years as an obese man, I have made many excuses. The only truth was that I was over eating and not being responsible with my health. Since May 10th, 2018 I have created a vegan diet called the Growing Vegan Diet, where I have lost nearly 100lbs, so far! I am almost not diabetic and got off insulin in 8 days and lost neuropathic pains in 8 days, too. I am reversing all my obesity related illness, also. No exercise, is the best part. Keep at it, but don’t make excuses, like I did. That will always get in the way of weight loss and keeping it off. It is over eating and eating the wrong foods, only, usually.

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  6. Congrats on taking the time to research and find out as much as you can. You’ve already done a lot more than most people would. I’ve noticed that making small changes build up momentum for the bigger moves, so reducing sugar (even if by a little) is a good way to start.

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