Library Book Haul

Today I went to my local library and picked a couple of books that were already on my TBR.

My local library had a separate section with only dragon books. I had never noticed this section before. I picked Tooth And Claw by Jo Walton from that section. I have never read a book with only dragons so I am really looking forward to reading it. Also I met Jo Walton and spoke to her for 5 minutes in Worldcon. After talking to her, I am eager to read more of her works. I didn’t like her other novel “Among Others”. Hopefully, I will love this.

“Leah on the offbeat” was also on my TBR since I loved “Simon Vs the Homosapiens agenda” a lot. I heard this book on Leah isn’t that good but I still want to read it. I can read more about Simon, Abby, Nick and Leah through this book and they are all great characters. The movie adaptation of Simon (Love, Simon) was almost as good as the book itself.

What are you reading?

P.S: Posted this from my phone. Forgive me for any typos.

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