Books Inc Bookstore Visit

Books Inc is a local independent bookstore (a family run) and I started visiting it a lot after they opened a branch in Santa Clara. They have the best sci-fi and fantasy section I have ever seen and knowledgeable staff who can recommend some great books. I have visited some of their other branches but I loved the collection in the Santa Clara branch the most.

They have a great selection of books. I love their staff recommendations section a lot. The first branch of Books Inc that I visited was in Palo Alto which was a huge store. Few years back, they opened the one in Santa Clara and I was beyond happy. I also visit their Mountain View store which is small and isn’t as good as their other locations.

During my recent visit to my favorite Santa Clara branch, I got to know that they are moving to a different city since the sales weren’t that great at this location. This broke my heart as it will no longer be close to where I live.
My son has bought many toys and books from their kids section. I had been meaning to attend their book club meets but just haven’t been able to. And now I will never be able to, even if I make time for it. 😦

I also loved their travel, non-fiction and science books sections a lot and have discovered many gems.

So I spent almost an hour perusing their shelves looking for some hidden gems. I have discovered way too many great books that I did not know even existed, thanks to this bookstore. I bought 4 books which I never had on my TBR by just reading the blurb. I did not look up Goodreads for reviews on these books. I had no idea Jack London wrote sci-fi! I realized later that Einstein’s Dreams was on my TBR already but I did not remember this book at all. The shape of water was a complete gamble since the blurb was interesting and then the shopkeeper told me that it’s a great funny book. I had heard about Tattoo Atlas (thanks to a booktuber who is a huge fan of this author) but I never had it on my TBR. The premise sounded very unique and something that I would enjoy and it was a signed copy so I just got it.

I have decided to not buy a book just because I came across the author’s name or the book’s name somewhere on the Internet. I am planning to only get books which sound interesting to me. So this time, I deliberately did not pick up books or authors that sounded familiar to me. Instead I focused on the blurb, premise and cover of the book. I own enough “popular” books which I never had the desire to read since I bought them just because everyone else had. I am also unhauling all these books that I am no longer interested in reading. There are many books that I love which aren’t popular and I think that’s okay. Everyone has a different taste in books and it’s okay to like something that not many people like.

Books Inc. in Santa Clara
Sunday-Thursday: 11:00 AM-6:30 PM
Friday-Saturday: 11:00 AM-8:00 PM
2712 Augustine Drive #120, Santa Clara; 95054

P.S: This is NOT a sponsored post. I am doing a series of posts on various bookstores that I happen to visit.

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