Mangas read in Feb

I have not read many manga but my first manga was Naruto Vol. 1 which I liked but did not feel compelled enough to continue. I then picked Death Note and absolutely loved it. After finishing Death Note series, I have been planning to read more manga. This month, I finally read some manga which I picked from my local library and liked all of them.

I managed to read first volumes of three different manga series –

  1. Monster Vol. 1 by Naoki Urasawa –

    I kept searching for books which were like Death Note online and I found many people recommending this series. If you like Death Note, you should definitely try this manga. There is no fantastical element here and it is just a crime fiction. But it has been done well. A doctor saves a young boy without realizing that he is a monster. The doctor sacrifices his career and girlfriend to save this boy who is a serial killer. Now the doctor gets framed for all the murders committed by this young boy. I loved the premise and how well the story was executed. This novel had strong female characters. The artwork was brilliant too. Definitely going to continue with this series.

  2. One-Punch Man Vol. 1 by ONE, Yusuke Murata (Illustrator) –

    I heard about this book on someone’s channel and it sounded interesting so I picked it up when I saw it in my library. The main protagonist has some super powers and he can knock out any monster with a single punch from his fist. It’s funny how just one punch does the trick and he is bored since he has never met someone of his caliber to fight. Need to see how this manga progresses. Artwork was great. If the plot isn’t very complex and just involves punching monsters, I will probably not want to continue with the series.

  3. Attack on Titan Vol. 1 by Hajime Isayama –

    The premise is very interesting. Humans trapped in a three walled city while giant monsters called Titans attack and eat humans. I also loved the main protagonists especially the kickass girl Mikasa who is protective of her brother Eren. But then towards the end it looks like Armin is the main protagonist in the series. I had a big problem with the artwork. The action scenes weren’t drawn well so it was difficult to understand the vertical maneuvers. Since every review says that the anime is better than the manga version for this series, I will try to catch up on the anime.

Out of these three, I am definitely continuing with Monster manga series. For the rest, I will probably try to watch the Anime instead.

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  1. oooh yes I loved Death Note! it’s what originally got me into manga/anime 🙂 I’ll have to give Monster a try


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