Nonsense in Indian movies

So recently we were discussing about that controversial movie Padmavati or Padmavat or whatever they are calling it now. I do not agree with the fact that one should burn buses or whatever to protest. I did not watch the movie and never will. But I couldn’t not agree with people when they said historical events were misrepresented. Bollywood movies these days are full of nonsense. The prevailing theme is romance and everything else in the movie revolves around romance. Why is romance the central focus of every single movie?

We watched a movie about a famous runner Milka Singh (Bhaag Milka Bhaag) and the movie was mostly about his girlfriends and love affairs. I hardly remember anything related to running or winning medals or about his perseverance.

I saw Jodhaa Akbar movie and I thought their love story was beautiful. I then, went to Fatehpur Sikri and saw around 10 palaces, each dedicated to one of Akbar’s wives. He had a Turkish wife, Christian wife and what not. So, did he really have time to sing lovey dovey songs with one of his wives as shown in the movie? The movie was utter nonsense. Instead of that senseless romance, they could have shown how Akbar expanded the Mughal empire, what his contributions were to the society, more battle scenes and something more historically accurate.

I saw Asoka movie and there was hardly anything about the emperor. Again some naked girls and romance. No battles, no mention of anything that can be found in a historically accurate book about Ashoka. I regretted even watching that movie.

I cannot give examples for more recent movies since I have stopped watching Bollywood movies completely now. I hate how everything revolves around romance, as if people have nothing better to do in life. Even a guy with no job or no future prospects is running behind a girl in these movies, instead of worrying about getting a job. No sane person does that in real life. No muslim emperor went crazy for a hindu girl and sat singing songs and wooing her for months together. At the most, he would have raped her if she did not accept him.

So when a movie shows romance between a barbaric muslim ruler and a hindu queen, I am sure people are going to get enraged. Bollywood, please start making sensible movies on historically accurate topics. Stop making meaningless, pointless movies. Once in a while, a good movie like English Vinglish or Queen makes an appearance.

Also some people say it doesn’t matter if they make historically inaccurate movies. My opinion is that most people in India don’t read books but they watch movies. Movies are a great medium to put across a good message to lot of people so please use that medium to send good messages or to educate people, instead of making stupid movies. Do some research on a topic, read some history textbooks and then direct the movie. Don’t just randomly concoct a dumb love story, where none exists.


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  1. I think historically inaccurate movies are detrimental to various cultures. People do watch movies more than they read and in turn, you’ll only believe what you see on the screen and won’t bother to do any of your own research. Then, unfortunately you’ll believe any ridiculous stereotype that someone presents to you. It’ll stick in your mind then BAM!!!. The false stereotype is now your perceived truth.

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  2. The issue is, in India, the audience goes to a movie hall for entertainment. History, research, truthfulness, etc. don’t matter to them as long as they can have a good time or an emotional experience/drama for a couple of hours!

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    1. Yeah the audience must be blamed equally since they prefer such dumb movies. But I think one can make a movie interesting and entertaining while being historically accurate too. For some reason, Indian directors don’t want to put a lot of effort and are more concerned about the money that a movie makes.


  3. I can write a long blog post about Indian movies. Most of the Indian movies are based on two great indian epics. Ramayana and Mahabaaratha. First, he (Ravan) loves her (Sita) but she loves somebody (Rama) else. Love triangle. Second, He is the most powerful person in the town – politician or police or landlord (Duryodana) and nobody can do anything to him., Then a lone guy (Arjuna) comes and beat the heck out of him. These are the two main theme in most of the Indian movies.


    1. oh right. I never realized this until you mentioned SG. Most of the Indian movies have these two themes like you said. Wonder why they never think outside the box and very few movies break these stereotypical plots.


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