2017 Reading Statistics and 2018 goals

I thought I will wrap up my 2017 with a statistics post. I find these statistics very useful as it helps me understand how my reading year went. This was a great reading year as I read 96 books.

My Goodreads stats is as follows –

I read a total of 96 books with average length of 257 pages and I read the maximum number of pages I have ever read – 24,140 pages (since I started logging my reading on Goodreads). I have read 66 pages per day on an average which is quite good, considering how I hardly get time to read books daily.
Now let’s see a breakdown of genre. My primary focus this year was on Sci-fi and fantasy.

Most of the comics/graphic novels in the chart were sci-fi or fantasy so majority of my reads this year have been SFF which means I accomplished my goal. But I want to reduce the number of comics or graphic novels I read in 2018 since I want to reduce my existing TBR. This year I discovered that I can borrow them from library and ended up reading a lot of comics because of this reason.
Now a chart that shows how I acquired my books. I mostly read books that I owned but I did manage to read some ebooks and library books, which is an achievement. Last year, I hardly borrowed books so that was an improvement. But the major drawback was that my TBR stack did not reduce so I ended up with too many unread books on my shelf. I also listened to 8 audiobooks in 2017 – out of which I purchased 2 and borrowed 6 from the library.

I had a great reading year as I read mostly 4 or 5 star reads and I hardly had any 1 star reads this year. That happened because I kept DNFing (did not finish) books this year without thinking twice.
If a book did not feel like a 4 or 5 star read and was a slog, I just ended up DNFing it, unless it was a classic or some book that I wanted to force myself to read. This helped me in getting to other books that I enjoyed reading. I don’t see anything wrong with DNFing books since individual tastes differ. Just because somebody gave a book 5 stars or because a book is extremely popular, doesn’t mean I have to force myself to read it or like it. My opinion about a book shouldn’t be based upon the opinions of other people in the reading community so I don’t really care about DNFing popular books.

I also kept unhauling books that I did not enjoy so I ended up getting rid of 6 books that I read in 2017. I also reread 2 books this year.

Goals for 2018:

  1. Buy less books and use library often.
  2. Read less comics/graphic novels.
  3. Read only books that you find interesting and not because they are popular.
  4. Discover books that are not very well known/read in the reading community.
  5. Reduce my physical TBR of books which is too high.
  6. Take your time, enjoy reading instead of making it a chore.
  7. Keep unhauling books that don’t get 4 or 5 stars.
  8. Reread more of your favorite books.

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  1. Wow! Quite impressive! If you have read 96 books, this kind of Analysis makes sense, not so much when you have read 20 odd books! What’s ebook-library? You can get ebooks also from library? I alternate between ebooks and physical books. The only thing I will make sure this year is to read everyday, that’ll take care of the numbers ๐Ÿ™‚


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