Best Comics/Graphic Novels of 2017

I read 39 comics/graphic novels in 2017 only because I discovered that I could borrow them on my ipad from the library. So whenever I felt down, I would just download few of them on my ipad and zip through them in an hour or so. Graphic novels or comics are great for those times when you are in a reading slump or when you are just tired and don’t have the mental energy to sit and read a book. They are almost like watching TV as you don’t have to use a lot of your brain power to process the information. I love reading comics and I used to read them a lot as a kid.
So here are my favorite comics/graphic novels from 2017 –

  1. Zen Pencils by Gavin Aung Than – It is a collection of articles from Zen Pencils website/blog. I never read them on the website but had read a few which people had shared here and there. It is a great book which compiles quotes from famous personalities. I also read the second volume but the first volume had much better quotes.
  2. Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka and others  –
    I searched for this book everywhere but this book was out of print and the used books were priced like 100 bucks or something. I definitely could not afford to get a copy and then one day I walked into my library and I saw this book sitting there on the shelf. I immediately borrowed it and read it. It definitely is one of the best Wonder Woman comics I have ever read. Just the cover image gives you an idea about this book – WW beating Batman. 🙂
  3. Pyongyang by Guy Delisle – I read 3 books by this author one after the other since I liked them all. But amongst the three I read, this was the best. This book is mostly about the author’s experiences in North Korea, a country which I have been fascinated with for a long time. I got more interested after watching the controversial movie “The interview” (with James Franco) which showed the other side of North Korea. In this book, you don’t really get to see the poor regions of the country as they are off limits for the foreigners so you only see tall buildings and a clean city. But the amount of brainwashing that’s done to the citizens and how they think their ruler is God can be seen throughout the book. The author even gives 1984 to read to a local guy and I couldn’t stop smiling how appropriate that book was for the country. This book had some snippets about the history of the country which I found really interesting. Also how they think Americans are the reason for all their problems was funny. I liked this book even more than Jerusalem. To all those who are saying this book doesn’t give a good picture of the country, I think it cannot give since the author was not allowed to go wherever he pleases (the way he was in Jerusalem) and he was there for just 2 months which is not a long time to understand a country and its citizens. I loved this book and recommend it to anyone who is curious enough to learn more about this country. Also the book was pretty hilarious.
  4. Big Mushy Happy Lump by Sarah Andersen – This book was as funny as the first book by this author. I have been following her comics on social media so it was good to have a copy to refer to when I need a good laugh.
  5. Locke & Key Vol 1 by Joe Hill – I have never read a horror comic and this was my first. It is a haunted house story and it is extremely creepy. But still I love the artwork, story and characters and want to continue with this series.
  6. Justice League: The league of One by Christopher Moeller – This is referred to as the best Wonder Woman comic and I have to agree. Wonder Woman saves the entire Justice league alone. This comic shows how powerful and strong she is.
  7. The Getaway by Jeff Kinney – Diary of a wimpy kid is my favorite series and this part was as hilarious as the others were.
  8. Fowl Language by Brian Gordon – vol 1 and vol 2– I have been following this comic on social media too but had to get a copy for myself so that I can support the author and his work. It’s hilarious and totally relatable as a parent myself.

    Did you read any comics/graphic novels in 2017?

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