Worst Books of 2017

I tried to read many new authors this year because of which I ended up DNFing quite a lot of books and also disliked many books. I also noticed that the books that I had preordered since they were written by my favorite authors ended up being horrible. This year I am not planning to preorder any book and will wait for reviews before picking them up.

  1. My worst book of this year and the most disappointing read has to be “Turtles all the way down by John Green”. I cannot believe I disliked a book by one of my favorite authors. The plot was silly, characters were horrible and the toxic friendship, instalove – everything turned me off. I hated this book.
  2. Another book that I disliked with passion was “Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag“. This book was misogynistic and portrayed women in a very bad light. There wasn’t much in terms of plot as well.
  3. Now that I am done with the books that I hated, let me talk about some books that I did not dislike but found to be pretty meh. One such book was Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo. I had preordered a signed edition of this book since I was confident that I would like it. But it had every single YA trope and was too predictable. Also Wonder Woman acted like a college teenager. Very boring book.
  4. I tried reading Ursula K Le Guin’s The Left hand of Darkness and I ended up DNFing it since it was so boring. I then tried Lathe of Heaven by her since the premise sounded interesting and it was not based in her weird universe. But still it was boring and the ending was really horrible. I am not impressed by this author even though people keep praising her. She is definitely not for me.
  5. Many people consider Dune by Frank Herbert to be the best scifi ever written. The world building was great but other than that, everything else was crap in this novel. The characters were like cardboard cutouts, the portrayal of women was horrible and there was too much of religious mumbo jumbo in it. Those who like philosophical books may like it. It was boring and after knowing that it was based on arab conflicts over petroleum, I lost interest in the series.
  6. A natural history of dragons by Marie Brennan – A very famous series that everyone seems to be liking. I loved the female protagonist but her adventures weren’t interesting enough. I wish it had more action and dragons which it lacked.
  7. Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut – Another one of those authors that everyone considers to be great. I found this book to be full of nonsense. Nothing made sense and nothing was funny to me. It sounded like the author had no idea what to write so he filled it with nonsense. There was no direction or point to the story.
  8. Neverending story by Michael Ende – Another one of those classic fantasy novels that everyone praises. It is a kid’s book but it was too silly and immature. Definitely not something that adults can enjoy. I feel a well written children’s book can be enjoyed by adults as well so I don’t think I will recommend this to even kids.

Special Mention – Artemis by Andy Weir. Even though I have technically not read this book in its entirety, I did read the first few chapters and I am deeply disappointed in this novel. The female main protagonist acts like a teenage boy and I did not like her one bit. I wish this book had a male protagonist. I did not feel compelled enough to continue. I will give it another try sometime in future maybe.

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  1. You have a list! that is nice..
    my bad books’ lust would have textbook names in them – especially for 2017!!
    I hope to read more in the coming year and it’s not all academic! 🙂

    Happy New Year my friend! 🙂


    1. Textbook? Are you going back to college or something Pixie? Long time no post from your side too. I have no updates from you.
      Happy new year! Good to hear from you after a long time.


    1. Many people who like YA liked Wonder Woman. I personally am not a fan of YA contemporary and the book almost read like one. Don’t take my word on Turtles all the way down though since I am the odd one who didn’t like it. Lot of people seem to have enjoyed the novel.

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  2. It’s always fun hearing different takes on the same books 🙂 I love Lady Trent (partly because it focuses on reputation and science rather than action, although I agree, MOAR DRAGONS is never the wrong answer), but I’m completely with you on Artemis – it was a DNF for me too, for much the same reasons. Ugh. I’m just about to try and read Dune for Vintage SF Month – I’ll have to see how I get on…


    1. Do you think I should give the other books in the Lady Trent series a try? Do they get more interesting? I am not sure if I should just give up on the series.
      Good to know even you didn’t like Artemis. I can’t believe it was written by the same person who wrote Martian!
      Hope you end up liking Dune.


      1. Fair to say they follow a formula: set up situation, with academic / social concerns (but I think the set up is faster and stakes raised by mid series); occasionally observe dragons; get embroiled in local political shenanigans; get in trouble; it all works out in the end 😉 1 is probably the slowest and the adventure abroad the least gripping, but it’s all a cosy sort of fantasy really 🙂

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  3. Everywhere I look, I see people reading Turtles on the way down. Glad I didn’t fall for the hype. Disappointed to hear about Artemis, was really looking forward to reading that one.


    1. Most of the John Green’s fans liked Turtles all the way down. I am the odd one out so don’t take my word on it. Artemis is getting bad reviews from everyone mostly because of the female lead character.


  4. Have to say I loved artemis but it’s interesting because I normally much prefer male protagonists so maybe I loved it BECAUSE she came across as a boy? Haha. I know I was apprehensive going in because I don’t usually like female leads as much but I really loved her as she avoided all the normal female tropes that I find annoying.


  5. Even I have noticed John Green’s books everywhere and have been on the fence as to read it or not because though I looooved ‘The Fault in Our Star’, I didn’t like ‘Paper Towns’. Paper Towns felt like some version of TFIOS. So, I am beginning to form a perception about John Green’s books that they are of a certain type.


    1. Yeah Paper Towns wasn’t that good. But do try “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. It is my second favorite book by him after TFIOS. I am a huge fan of all his other books. Only Turtles all the way down did not work for me. 😦


      1. Hey, I have read ‘Looking for Alaska’ as well. Didn’t like 😦 They are all of a certain type. Don’t you think so? TFIOS was a novelty but then they all started feeling similar.


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