Nonfiction Book Haul – Part 2

Usually, we end up buying books that others recommend to us. Rarely do we browse through synopsis of books and pick books that interest us. I recently shopped for books by just choosing ones that interested me, without checking the reviews online. None of these books were recommended by any of the book reviewers out there. So these are some books I chose myself and I have a feeling I will love all these. I did a similar haul back in Jan which you can find here – Nonfiction book haul.

This time I ended up buying these books –

  1. A Field Guide to Radiation by Wayne Biddle –

    The title of the book itself was enough to make me want to pick this book up. A book about all kinds of radiations would be so interesting to read. I am aware of some radiations but it will be great to know what other kind of radiations we are getting exposed to every single day of our life. Whether it is our microwave or phone, it is good to know what kinds of dangers you are being exposed to. With the increase in cancer rates in the world, I feel this book is even more essential to read.

  2. Mirror Earth: The search for our planet’s twin by Michael D. Lemonick –

    When I read a book called “How I killed pluto and why it had it coming”, I enjoyed the parts where the author goes into details about how he searched for planets. It was interesting to know how astronomers go about searching for planets. What I feel will be even more interesting is search for exoplanets (planets which are like Earth). This book essentially talks about the scientific history behind such a search. There are plenty of books on exoplanets and I just decided to start with this one.

  3. North Pole, South Pole: The epic quest to solve the great mystery of Earth’s magnetism by Gillian Turner –

    I am currently reading “Interstellar age” where the author mentions about Uranus’ weird magnetic poles. After reading that, husband and I were trying to understand who determined where Earth’s magnetic poles were and how exactly they did that. When I saw this book, I immediately wanted to get it since this book talks about this exact magnetism mystery.

  4. Meet me in Atlantis by Mark Adams –

    I read “Turn right at Machu Picchu” by this author and it is now one of my most favorite travel books ever. His writing was engaging and kept me interested throughout the book. Before reading that book, I had never read a book which blended history, travel and hiking perfectly. I wanted to pick up something else by this author and when I saw this book about the Atlantis city, I had to get it.

  5. Marbles by Ellen Forney –

    This is a graphic novel memoir about the depression and bipolar disorder that the author had to face and how she overcame this illness. I have read books about other kinds of mental illness but not about the bipolar disorder. I had this book on my wishlist for a long time now and finally got it.

Have any read any interesting nonfiction? Please do recommend me some nonfiction that you enjoyed reading.

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  1. My favorite books on non-fiction include memoirs, history & business. Glad to see one memoir at the end 🙂 I wish I could understand so much science like you so that I can enjoy the science books too! 🙂

    Destination Infinity


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