June Wrap Up

I couldn’t read a lot in June since life was little hectic. I did manage to read loads of comic books though. I read 3 novels and 7 comic books in June.
The books I read in June –

  1. The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson4 stars
    I had heard many good reviews about this book comparing this author to Gillian Flynn (whom I just adore). Also the premise of the book sounded absolutely amazing – I mean, a guy meets a woman at an airport bar and makes a plan to kill his wife with the help of this stranger woman. So many things could go wrong with such a plan. This book was great, almost like The girl on the train. It was a pretty solid psychological thriller. There were so many twists and murders and psychos in this one book that it took sometime to digest. The book took off as soon as it started and never got slow or boring. I finished the first 40-50% in a single flight as it was literally unputdownable. And then things became even more interesting with plot twists to keep me on hook. It has multiple POVs too which I love. The open ending made me a bit disappointed which is why I have reduced a star but highly recommend it. Definitely going to try more from this author.
  2. The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka2 stars
    I knew this book would be weird and already knew about man metamorphosing into a bug in this book. But what I did not know was that this was an emotional story and not bordering on horror. I didn’t think this story would take a sad turn. Writing was good, though too descriptive. But what I didn’t understand was this – the point of this story. What is the point that this author is trying to make? Is he talking about deformity here, just disguised as metamorphosis? I don’t think any family would treat their son like this with this much disdain and neglect. So I missed the whole point here. Someone care to explain?
  3. Redshirts by John Scalzi – 4 stars
    I already spoke about this book in my post on audiobooks here. This is a humorous book which made me laugh out loud multiple times. Loved it!
  4. Relish by Lucy Kinsley – 4 stars
    I really enjoyed reading this book. It is a graphical novel about the author’s food journey. Having never grown up or even visited countryside(being a city girl always), I loved reading about the kind of life she led in the countryside. Also she talks about her various trips to countries like Mexico and Japan which were interesting. She also gives some recipes in this book which I will someday give a try. Art style was great. Overall, if you love food, do pick this book for sure.
  5. Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia – 4.5 stars
    The best Wonder Woman comic I have read so far. I will review all the Wonder Woman comics separately in another post.
  6. Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft vol.1 – 5 stars
    This is probably my first ghost kinda “horror” book. I get scared easily so never pick up such books but this is a graphic novel series so I thought I might not get scared that much. But this was pretty scary! It’s about 3 kids whose father gets killed and they move to a place called “Lovecraft” with their mother. The youngest son, Bode goes exploring and finds some mysterious creepy things in the mansion. Bode is easily my favorite character from the book. I loved this volume so much and it ends at such a cliffhanger that I really want to pick up the next volume now. The story, artwork everything is great. But it is too dark, grim and violent. Definitely continuing with this series.
  7. Wonder Woman, Vol.1: The Lies – 2 stars
    I did not like the story as such in this book. Will do a detailed review in a separate Wonder Woman post.
  8. Alex + Ada Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.3 – 4 stars
    I already did a review of this entire graphic novel series here. I loved it!

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    1. Hmm I actually loved Wonder Woman movie. I did not pay much attention to the story though. It was nice to see a woman kicking ass for a change. I had never seen a tough woman like her on screen before so it was a different experience for me. The main problem seems to be that her villains aren’t that great or tough. I loved the one I have mentioned above where she fights with Batman. That was awesome since he was tough enough for her.


  1. I have not yet read the book Redshirts. Planning to do. In USA, Redshirting means making a college athlete repeat his freshman (first) year so that he develops his athletic skills and extend his eligibility one more year.


    1. Oh I did not know the meaning. Here though, he is referring to a different Redshirt. He is talking about Star Trek guys who wear red shirts and play as extras in the show. It is like a parody of Star Trek.


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