Alex + Ada comic series

This month was quite busy so I read many comic books since I did not have time to read entire novels. Comic books consume less time and mental energy as they are easier to browse in an hour or so. Alex + Ada is a quite popular science fiction series which is about Alex, a human and Ada, who is an android/robot. This series is a short series with just 3 trade paperback volumes which can be read in few hours time.

Authors: Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn

Alex is gifted a robot by his grandmother even though he did not want a robot partner for himself. In the first volume, Alex is disappointed that Ada cannot think and make decisions on her own. He doesn’t like the fact that she simply follows his instructions. He then tries to find a way to make her sentient – more like humans with free thinking ability. The book tries to explore how humans would react if robots could start thinking on their own. How humans can get insecure if free thinking robots were around, even though those robots can be really harmless and nice to humans.

It was somewhat different and interesting. I had not read a book that had explored this topic and since I love robots (thanks to Asimov’s books), I loved this series. I never thought I would like this graphic novel, considering how it is about a man and a robot in a romantic relationship. The artwork was great too. It is a simple and sweet story without any violence or torture which I see is common in graphic novels.

“We were modeled to think like humans and they can be pretty stupid” – made me chuckle a bit.

It is definitely one of the best sci-fi comic book series I have read. I do wish this series was longer.  The ending made me pretty emotional and the story took quite a turn which I didn’t expect. Highly recommended. One of the sweetest love stories and a great story about robots becoming sentient and it’s impact on humankind.

Have you read any comic book series like this one? If so, please let me know.


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  1. It sounds a little like this anime Chobits, where a young male character finds a discarded android, but she doesn’t act like typical ones. I have Alex + Ada on my TBR list, and I’ll need something to fill the time until the next Saga comes out.


  2. I thought I commented on here the day you posted this, cause I had read this post right away. But it seems the comment did not go through.

    Anyway, I have been eyeing this series for a long time, since I have heard so many good things about it. But I haven’t read very many comics to understand how these things work. So I wanted to check with you if this series is complete.


    1. So they had lot of single issues of this comic which they collected in a single complete collection volume (available on Amazon) or 3 separate paperback volumes. The 3 volumes whose covers I have posted have the complete story. It is a very short series since usually comic books span for at least 6-8 volumes I think. You should definitely check out this series. It is short and sweet. You can finish it in few hours time.


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