Wil Wheaton and audiobooks

I have never been a big fan of audiobooks and have not particularly liked audiobooks that much. That changed this month thanks to an audiobook.

I think my first audiobook was Ready Player One written by Ernest Cline and narrated by Wil Wheaton. Listening to that book was an amazing experience and mostly because of Wil Wheaton’s great narration, I ended up really enjoying the book. I even mentioned that I gave one extra star to the book mostly because I listened to it on an audiobook. This was back in 2011. After that, I never felt the need to try audiobooks.

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Alex + Ada comic series

This month was quite busy so I read many comic books since I did not have time to read entire novels. Comic books consume less time and mental energy as they are easier to browse in an hour or so. Alex + Ada is a quite popular science fiction series which is about Alex, a human and Ada, who is an android/robot. This series is a short series with just 3 trade paperback volumes which can be read in few hours time.

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