Comic book wrap up for Feb

February was not a great reading month as I hit reading slump, because of various reasons. One of the reasons was forcing myself trying to read Jane Eyre I think. When I am in a reading slump, I pick up graphic novels or comics. They are quick and easy to read but also get me out of reading slump most of the times. So this is what I did in Feb. I read a bunch of comic books which were on my tbr for a long time.


  1. Wonder Woman, Volume 1: Blood –

    This is part of the new 52 series in DC. I had never read anything about Wonder Woman earlier and after seeing the new movie trailer, I was super pumped about reading something of hers. Also she looks pretty kickass to me, compared to other female superheroes. I have mostly read male superheroes and would love to have a woman superhero to fangirl about. In this book, Wonder Woman learns about her father from her mother and that’s where the story takes off.

    The artwork was good, Wonder Woman as such was great and kickass. But I didn’t like the way the story progressed. Scenes felt pretty disconnected. I had difficulty understanding who was saying what and why. The book has Greek gods depicted in a weird fashion, they don’t look like themselves. I am not sure if I want to continue with this series as I was not that impressed with it. But I will definitely read more books about Wonder Woman.

  2. Giant Days, Volume 1 –

    It was a fun read about teenage girls who are roommates in college. Nothing magical or anything, just a normal story. I liked it but did not enjoy enough that I want to continue with this series. The girls were acting weird sometimes and the artwork was pretty okay. It wasn’t funny or interesting. These days I am so used to reading books with either a fantastical element or science fiction element, that I find reading plain books like these boring. So it’s just my problem. A teenager reading this book might be able to relate to the events in this book and may end up liking it.

  3. Y: The Last Man, Volume 1: Unmanned –

    I was not impressed with this volume either. This is a dystopian story where ever single male mammal is dead because of some reason. Only one man survives along with his male monkey. People have no idea how these two survived when every other person with Y chromosome died.

    All the women looked alike – artwork wasn’t good enough. I didn’t like the fact that the author mostly focused on how horrible the world was without men, instead of also showing the good part of the story. The guy who survived sounded stupid and arrogant to me. Women extremists took over the world and there was no electricity and roads were jammed etc. But why weren’t women clearing these roads, bringing order to the world? There was too much text to read and not much was being conveyed through pictures.

  4. Descender, Volume 1: Tin Stars –

    This is a sci-fi about a young boy robot which is left alone on a moon with its dog-robot after everyone died in that mining site. It is the last robot left which might help folks unlock the secret to Harvester robots which have been attacking and killing people. So this boy robot is in trouble as everyone is after him. It sounded a bit like Sweet Tooth which also was not a favorite because of similar violent torture and struggle for survival themes. I am not a big fan of such stories.

    This was an interesting first volume but there was too much fighting, violence and that put me off a bit. Military SF isn’t my favorite sub genre. I didn’t like the artwork even though lot of people seem to love it. Lot of times it was difficult to read as many panels had tiny lettering. The ending was good. Overall the premise sounds promising to me so will probably try the second volume.

So these are the comic books/graphical novels that I read this month. What did you read this month?

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  1. Oh no. Too bad all four turned out to be just average. I read a few graphic novels too and most of them were just okay as well. Lunarbaboon was the most interesting of the lot. 😦


  2. Not a thing wrong with comics and graphic novels! I consider them quick padding for my 2017 reading goal, and they’re totally legit. I’ve heard Jane Eyre is a bit, er, dry nice never read it myself. Apparently there are good and quite progressive things to be garnered from it, but the author is an acquired taste.


    1. Yeah Jane Eyre was great in some parts and some parts of the book were dreadfully boring which put me in a reading slump. Somehow I completed that giant book. Comics really cheer me up when I am reading these kinds of heavy topic books.

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