My favorite reads of 2016

2016 was a good reading year for me and I read 89 books in total.

Out of these 89, many of them were fantasy and graphic novels. Here is the breakdown –


I read many good books this year and I rated most of my books either 5, 4, or 3. I had very few disappointing reads this year.


Most of the books that I read were released in 2000s and onwards. I did not read many older books which were released prior to year 2000.


These are my fiction favorites from 2016 –

  1. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn – Even though this book is not the most famous book by this author, I think it is the best book written by her. It is dark and the characters are all grey. It was a great thriller and this was my first read of 2016. dark5
  2. Vicious by V.E. Schwab – My first book by Victoria Schwab and it was amazing. If you like X-men and/or superheroes, you will definitely like this novel. I have a short review here. vicious
  3. The invention of Hugo Cabaret by Brian Selznick – This book has some amazing sketches and illustrations. It is not just a beautiful book but also has a great storyline. cabret1
  4. Harry Potter and the cursed child by Jack Thorne, J.K. Rowling and John Tiffany – Even though many people did not like this book, I absolutely loved it. I have a full review of this book here. cursedchild
  5. Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley – This is a graphic novel which talks about a girl who gets a second chance in her life. It is absolutely funny. Read my entire review here. seconds1
  6. Death Note series by Tsugumi Ohba – If I were to choose one book which totally blew my mind, it would be a book from this series. I started and finished this series in 2016. It has 12 volumes and every single volume was great. Death Note is basically a notebook on which when the name of a person is written, that person dies. A school student gets hold of this book and uses it to get rid of evil people in the world. I will do a full review of this series soon. deathnote
  7. Batman: The Man Who Laughs by Ed Brubaker – This book has the first encounter of Batman and joker. Joker in this story was totally insane and resembled Heath Ledger’s character in Dark Knight. One of the best Batman stories I have ever read. This book also had an extra story with Green Lantern in it. batman
  8. Dark Matter by Blake Crouch – My most favorite science fiction read of this year. It is about parallel universes and what happens if you could change your past. My full review of this book is here. img_0628
  9. Letters from father Christmas by J.R.R. Tolkien – I read this book during Christmas time and it was amazing. This book is so much more than just a book of letters. It has some fantastical stories and characters with some great illustrations by Tolkien. Read my review of this book here. letters_father_christmas
  10. Diary of the wimpy kid: Double down by Jeff Kinney – I am a huge fan of wimpy kid series and this was the latest installment which got released this year. It was as funny or probably funnier than the previous installments. doubledown

What are your favorite reads of 2016?

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  1. Happy New Year Ash. I was actually waiting for this post of yours. I had a terrible reading year but I am hoping things change in 2017. I find Dark Places such better than Flynn’s other works and its my favorite too. I thought The Cursed Child was OK… would not say a favorite for sure. Hugo is awesome… have you seen the movie? Need to check out the other books. Btw, I am back to blogging as well. Just posted a new post after ages.


  2. Oh! What a neat way to present all your books. And 89! I read just 12. I haven’t read any of the books mentioned in your post. I’m again targetting 35 books this year. Keep the inspiration coming 🙂
    Happy New Year!


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