Library haul

After more than two years, I went to the local library today. My library card had already expired and had to be renewed. I then picked these books as they were on my must-read list for quite sometime now. 

I am not sure if can complete these books in the next few weeks. I got little too ambitious I guess. This is probably my first time checking out more than one book from the library. 

Three of these(Paper girls, Sweet Tooth and Nimona) are graphic novels so should be easy reads. I am not sure about “Among Others”. I have heard a lot of good things about that book and it has won quite a few awards.

Have you read these? Did you like them?

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  1. Oooh I loved Among Others. It is such a lovely blend of coming of age / coming to terms on the personal side and a lovesong to science fiction at the same time.


  2. Oh I have heard so much about Nimona, but I always procrastinate it. Have you read it now? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. That might finally be the trigger for me to go get it.

    P.S. As you may have figured out, I am binge reading your posts now, as I have been MIA from the virtual word for quite some time. There was havoc on the personal front. All good now. Which is why, I am back. Glad to be catching up with you through these posts. Such a wonderful thing these blogs are, right?


    1. Nimona was disappointing actually. It wasn’t bad but not that great either. The story was pretty silly I felt and the artwork was also okay. Don’t buy the book. Read it from the library if you want to give it a shot. Good to have you back!


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