Fantastic beasts and where to find them

I watched the movie and then read the screenplay today. Every scene and dialogue in the book matches with what I saw on the screen. It was like watching the movie for the second time – but with my added imagination, making it even more awesome. The descriptions of the beasts and reading more about the beasts made reading the book worthwhile.

This series is fantastic. The movies were better than Harry Potter series as JKR probably had more control over the movies as she wrote the screenplay herself. Harry Potter movies were not done that well and were poor adaptations. But this movie series will definitely do better as even the story is great.

I want to see Dumbledore and Grindelwald facing each other in the next movie hopefully. I heard the next movie will be based in UK so hopefully we will get a glimpse of Hogwarts. Ilvermorny did not make an appearance in this movie which was little disappointing. But seeing adult wizards and witches fight was kinda cool, after having seen school children trying to fight in the earlier movies. You see wizards with great power fighting with aurors here.

I don’t think this series comes under young adult fantasy (thank God! I had enough of YA). This is definitely adult fantasy.
Again looks like lot of people had problem with the format of the book, but I loved reading it in this format too.

If you like magic, you will love this book/movie.

Thank you JKR for this series.

Did you watch the movie or read the screenplay?

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  1. I’ve never read any of JKR’s books, but I’ve seen all the films – they mostly stand up fine on their own (I have minor issues with Half-Blood Prince, which feels like a poor adaptation even though I haven’t read the book!). We’ll definitely go to see Fantastic Beasts – I’m looking forward to getting a different glimpse of the magical world.


    1. Oh you should read the Harry Potter books someday, as the movies were really bad adaptations. I did not like the Harry Potter movies at all. The books were so much better. Hope you like Fantastic beasts movie!


  2. Absolutely adored the movie. Haven’t read the screenplay yet, I don’t want to either (because books usually make me disappointed with the movies). Yeah, I’d have liked to see Illvermony as well. Wasn’t Pickett the cutest? ❤

    It was a proper JKR fest – dark, delightful, mysterious, yet so much fun ❤

    Oooh Dumbledore vs. Grindelwald, goosebumps erupting as I type this out, I hope they do do it and that it is epic.


    1. Actually the screenplay doesn’t differ at all from the movie. The only thing I got from reading it is the names and descriptions of the beasts which I could not focus much in the movie as I was more interested in the plot. Pickett was too cute. I heard Dumbledore vs Grindelwald will happen in the 5th movie. Also I am interested in seeing who gets to play Dumbledore’s role.


  3. Honestly, I had huge expectations from this movie (well because the queen herself was writing about magic and this was where she thrived), and I must say I was suitably impressed. Which is saying a lot, considering my giant sized expectations. I wasn’t planning to read the script, but your review makes me reconsider it. Though I can’t wait for the sequels to come out now. Impatience. Sigh.


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