My favorite sci-fi movies #RRSciFiMonth

I love Sci-fi, especially the movies. Most of the movies that I have enjoyed watching are sci-fi movies. It helps that my family also loves Sci-fi a lot. Whether I am watching a movie with my mom or my husband, we end up watching only sci-fi most of the times.sfm16_6

Here are my favorite sci-fi movies which I can watch again and again, any number of times. I have excluded some movies which were adapted from the book and where the book was better than the movie (like The Martian). This is going to be a very long list of movies.

I will start by naming two directors who have given us some amazing sci-fi movies. Any movie directed by them is amazing and a must-watch for me. I love every single movie directed by these two people but will be only mentioning those movies which are purely sci-fi.

  1. Steven Spielberg –

    His movies were my first introduction to sci-fi. The first sci-fi movies that I watched were probably E.T and Jurassic Park.

    • E.T which was an amazing alien movie and my most favorite alien movie.
    • Jurassic Park was another movie that shaped my childhood. I watched that movie sitting in the front row of the theater as a kid and had nightmares for next few days.
    • War of the worlds which I watched in theater with few of my classmates,
    • Minority Report – this is a futuristic movie where they can predict crime before it even happens and
    • A.I (Artificial Intelligence) – it is about a boy who is a robot were all equally fantastic movies.


  2. Christopher Nolan –

    If I loved Spielberg’s movies as a kid, I loved Nolan’s movies as an adult. As of today, he is my most favorite director. Every single movie of his has been my favorite. I have not disliked a single movie of his so far.

    • The Prestige – This movie has Nikola Tesla playing with his inventions, need I say more?,
    • Inception – a popular movie where you can manipulate dreams and
    • Interstellar – my current favorite space movie – they are all my favorite movies ever.

    Every single movie of his is a masterpiece. nolan1_sm

Other than the movies from these two directors, there are some other sci-fi movies which are my favorites. Here is the list –

  1. Independence day – This is was my first alien attack movie and the movie which made me a complete fan of sci-fi genre. I have watched this movie innumerable times and I still love it. independence_sm
  2. 2001: A space odyssey – This is probably the oldest movie on my list. It was the first movie where people saw space and space shuttles on the big screen. My dad watched this movie when he was young and loved it. It’s an amazing movie and the book is equally great. spodyssey_sm
  3. Moon – I have done a full review of this movie earlier. It is not a very well known movie but the concept was mindblowing. I never expected the movie to be that good when I started watching it.
    Review of Moon – Moon(2009)
  4. District 9 – Yet another movie which I had no idea was this amazing. Everything about this movie was amazing. I wish they would come up with a sequel for this. I have a full review of this movie here on my blog.
    Review of District 9 – District 9 of non-humans
  5. Alien and Aliens – This movie creeped me out. I even had nightmares as it was so scary. Definitely the kind of alien movie that I love. The first part (Alien) was amazing as an alien enters their spaceship and they have no idea until they start getting murdered, even the second part (Aliens) was pretty good with multiple aliens. If you like scary aliens, then this is the movie for you.  alien_sm
  6. The thing – This movie was even more scary. This is about an alien which can enter any human’s body and you have no idea that this human has the alien inside him. So you have no idea who is human and who is alien so you cannot trust anybody. This movie was probably the most scary movie I have ever seen. The climax was just too amazing. thing_sm
  7. I am legend – This is a creepy movie about the end of the world. In this movie, only a single human survives while all the others have turned into zombies. I love this movie so much as I feel this is the best dystopian movie I have seen. iamleg_sm
  8. I, Robot –  Another Will Smith movie which is my favorite. It is loosely based on Isaac Asimov’s Robot novels/short stories. The plot is no where related to the books, though the idea has been borrowed from the books. I loved this movie even more than the books. This is my favorite Robot movie. irob_sm
  9. The Matrix series – These are my favorite cyberpunk movies. These movies are so intelligent, it is difficult for some people to understand what’s going on in these movies. I watched the first part when I was young and could not make out anything. I then watched them again after some years and loved the whole concept. matrix_sm
  10. The day after tomorrow – My favorite end of the world movie. This movie talks about global warming taking a toll on the world. I have watched this movie so many times that I know every single scene by heart. dayaftertom1_sm
  11. Volcano- This movie is a favorite of my mom too. We both watched it so many times that I lost count. In this movie, suddenly lava starts flowing in New York city and the city turns into a volcano. I thought the whole concept of people trying to escape from lava was amazing. volcano
  12. Star Wars and Star Trek – Of course, these two movie franchises. How can I not add them to the list? These are everyone’s favorites and I love these two. star_sm

There are many more favorite sci-fi movies but I decided to stop as this post is already pretty long. I will make another list in future about some of the other great sci-fi movies that I have seen.

Have you watched these movies? Do you like any of these movies? What are your favorite science fiction movies?

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  1. Great list of films! I like many of these as well, especially The Thing, Alien, Star Wars, The Matrix, Jurassic Park, and Interstella. I like 2001, but I also really like the sequel, 2010. That’s good as well, and often gets overlooked, good film that. My fave SF film is still Alien, I just love that film, everything about it is so perfect. Always enjoy watching it 🙂


  2. Some excellent choices on here 🙂 I love Jurassic Park so much, it was one of my favourites as a kid and led to my degree/career choice – although not paleontology, it led me on to archaeology!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great list – I fancy watching some of these now! Especially Jurassic Park or Interstellar (already watched that countless times – but one more couldn’t hurt!)
    Lynn 😀


  4. I am so pleased you have Moon on this list, I loved it but nobody else (until now!!) had seen it!!


  5. That’s nice you have a sci fi family. Most people in my family are not fans but luckily I have friends who are, so I still get to geek out a bit. 🙂 Love Jurassic Park, and star Wars/ Star Trek also. I haven’t seen Moon, I’ll have to check it out! 2001 is a trip, and I’ve only seen parts of The Day After Tomorrow. I need to watch the whole thing!


  6. District 9 is so good! I quite fancy a rewatch now that you’ve drawn my attention to it. I also love Independence Day, but prefer 2010 to 2001. And I actually haven’t seen Interstellar yet. Sci-fi fan fail! 😉


  7. You have such an amazing list of movies! Jurassic Park is fantastic. What are your thoughts on Jurassic World? I personally loved it, but I know that others didn’t. Interstellar…SO GOOD. i watched it two times in a row because I was just so flabbergasted by the ending the first time. I watch Independence Day every Fourth of July! I didn’t like the sequel at all, though. I’ve been wanting to watch Moon for a bit now, but I don’t want to shell out the money for it. 😀 I’ve never actually watched Alien all the way through. I always seem to catch it on the TV when it is a third of the way through! But I have loved the parts I’ve seen. The Matrix is one of my mom’s favorite movie trilogies. Like you said, I didn’t quite grasp the concept when I was younger. I want to re-watch them now so I can actually understand what is happening! 🙂 My mom loves The Day After Tomorrow too! I think I watch every year with her at least once!

    Great picks! I’m really interested in watching the ones on your list I haven’t yet. It seems like we have similar tastes when it comes to science fiction movies.


    1. Thanks Genni. I loved Jurassic World too. In fact, I loved all the four parts. They were all good in their own way. The first is closest to my heart just because they brought dinosaurs to life for the first time. Same here, I had to watch the movie Interstellar twice and I even read the book “Science of Interstellar” just to understand it properly. I am yet to watch the Independence day sequel movie. You should definitely watch Moon and Alien. They are both wonderful.


  8. There are so many amazing movies on this list! 😀 And you’ve also reminded me that I really need to watch ‘Moon!’ I’ve heard a lot of people raving about that one in the past (and I also found out recently that it was directed by David Bowie’s son!) but I still haven’t got around to it yet.


  9. Spielberg and Nolan = ❤

    It's a delight to see Moon on your list. It was on my long list, but didn't make my Top Ten (I also liked Source Code, from the same director, but not as much as Moon). I still feel a big guilty that Alien/s didn't make my list either – definitely up there – we re-watched Alien at the weekend!

    …and I am loving that you including Volcano. I have a soft spot for really awful disaster movies, and I do have a tendency not to flip the channel when Volcano is on. I can't do Day After Tomorrow though. That one just sets my teeth on edge (although not as much as 2012!


  10. Great list! I really like many of the movies you included, like Alien, Martix, Jurassic Park, and Inception. Moon was a very pleasant surprise to me, too, and definitely worth watching. I’m such a dinosaur geek that I have a dinosaur advent calender. 🙂


  11. So many good titles! And some I haven’t even heard of that I’ve now put on my list to read and watch! 😀

    I loved a lot of these, The Martian as in the book and the movie is sooo good! I also loved the movie I Am Legend, I love the zombie end of the world kind of movies. I really liked World War Z so I hope there’s a second movie coming out next year like originally planned.

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift


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