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I experimented a lot with genres from last few years and that made me buy books that I knew I would not like. I wasted money and time on books that would never interest me, just because I wanted to explore genres that I had not read before. This year I bought some contemporary fiction since I had not read any and you know what happened? I ended up disliking all of them and I am now planning to get rid of them so that I can make room for other books on my shelves.

I think that I prefer plot-driven books over just character focused ones. If the plot is not moving forward, even though the book has great characters it will get a low rating.

So now I have decided to just stick to the genres that I love reading and here are those genres that my blog will feature more books from in the future –

  1. Adult fantasy – Harry Potter made me a fan of this genre. But I had enough of YA (Young adult) fantasy and romances and I have decided to not get lured into buying more of YA fantasy just because they have prettier covers and since almost everyone raves about them. I will focus on adult fantasy and I discovered plenty of amazing epic fantasy authors this year.
  2. Science fiction – This has always been my most favorite genre. I love a good sci-fi novel anytime over other genres. If it is sci-fi, I know I will not dislike the book as I have not hated a single sci-fi book so far. I also realized that I am not a fan of YA science fiction novels.
  3. YA Contemporary – I am not a fan of adult contemporary novels as I am not a fan of realistic sad fiction stories. However, I do like reading Young adult contemporaries once in a while.
  4. Graphic novels – These are my go to books when I am not in the mood to read something heavy. They are pretty light and always help me overcome my reading slumps. They are easier to read when you do not have lot of time to read.
  5. Children and adult Classics – Even though they are tedious to read, once you are done reading them you feel accomplished. Most of the classics are amazing. I am a huge fan of gothic novels.
  6. Nonfiction – I love reading nonfiction as I usually learn something new after reading them. My knowledge about a field increases when I read nonfiction. My usual sub-genres in nonfiction are travel, adventure, history, science, minimalism, food science and memoirs of scientists.
  7. Mystery and Thrillers – Even though I have few thrillers listed as my favorites, I do not enjoy crime fiction (unless it is Sherlock Holmes). I prefer psychological thrillers or Dan Brown kind of thrillers or sci-fi thrillers more than anything else. I also don’t read horror. I am trying to read some horror these days.
  8. Historical Fiction – I like historical fiction when it is based on a major event like holocaust or world war etc. Though I read one or two here and there, I am not a big fan of this genre.
  9. Humor – I do like reading books from Sophie Kinsella and Wodehouse but I do not like most of the books in this genre. My idea of humor is very different I guess and not all funny books make me laugh.

What are your favorite genres to read?

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  1. All of them except nonfiction. Somehow, I haven’t caught interest with nonfiction.. maybe I haven’t read the right book yet?


  2. I guess it’s difficult to write humor for adults. I like biographies, literary fiction, business, self-help/inspiration, historical/mythological fiction mostly. Occasionally I might enjoy a thriller or science fiction, but I prefer non-fiction nowadays!

    Destination Infinity


  3. I’m not even sure which genre I like. I definitely like thrillers and humour. In fact humour goes well with any genre. I enjoy young adult fiction too. I loved Hunger Games. Some biographies are great too…. I end up devouring the kids’ books – Roald Dahl, Wimpy Kid as also the classics (though I have read many of them when I was child). I think I like most books that are well written, even those with detailed descriptions.


    1. I kind of like one or two books in most of the genres. But then when I tried to pick more books in that genre, I realized I did not even like that genre much. That’s how I lost money and time 😦 I guess a lot depends on the author too.


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