Seconds – A graphic novel

After mostly reading depressing serious reads this year, I finally picked couple of funny reads. I read “Seconds” which is a graphic novel written by Bryan Lee O’Malley who has also written Scott Pilgrim series. I watched the “Scott Pilgrim vs the world” movie and loved it so much that I ended up reading few books in that series. I was already kind of a fan of this author before I picked this book but after reading this book I am definitely his fan. This book was funny, interesting, suspenseful and entertaining.


This is a story about a girl who runs a restaurant called “Seconds”. She is the main chef there but she dreams of opening a new restaurant of her own. One day she finds a mushroom which after eating gives her a chance to change her past. So she ends up changing her past, which changes her present as well. The story was so engrossing that I could not keep the book down until I was done reading it. I do not want to talk a lot about the plot as it is better to read the book without knowing the plot. I went in blindly and really enjoyed it.


All the illustrations in the book are great and in color and that made the book even more amazing as I usually see that big graphic novels tend to have black and white sketches. There is diversity in the characters and I ended up liking all the characters. The story was equally good. There are some fantasy elements in the story which made it even more interesting to me.


I wish there was a sequel. Loved it! Highly recommend it.This is a good book to pick if you are suffering from a reading slump (like I was before I read this book).
Now I need to get hold of all the other books written by this author.

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    1. I have not read any web comics actually. I have read very less number of graphic novels – mostly Batman and other superheros and maybe few others like Seconds. Must explore some web comics. Let me know if you find any good ones.


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