Contemporary books haul

This year I have been buying books a lot. My tbr was shrinking and I added some books from many genres to my tbr. I did not add lot of books in a single genre though, except maybe fantasy and science fiction. Since I read many genres, adding few books in each genre results in an explosion of my tbr. But I have reduced buying books on an impulse and mostly think and buy books that I really am interested in buying.

I have not read many contemporary books. When I saw how people were coming up with their summer reading list, I realized how less number of summery reads I own and have read. The only YA contemporary author I have read is John Green and he is one of my favorite authors ever. That’s when I started thinking about exploring other contemporary authors, with the hope that I might like their books. The only adult contemporary author I have read is Sophie Kinsella. I have tried reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and The perks of being a wallflower but did not get interested in either of them. I did not finish either of those books as I found them to be boring.

There is one contemporary author that I have been planning to read for quite sometime and that is Stephanie Perkins. I will hopefully read “Anna and the French kiss by Stephanie Perkins” this year. I have a kindle copy of that book. Anna-and-the-French-Kiss-HD

Then I saw some books on sale (I know I said I will not buy books because they were on sale). But I got these hardcover editions for so cheap, I could not resist from buying them. I do not own many hardcover editions. I mostly buy paperbacks, but some of these were cheaper than paperbacks so I got myself few contemporary books.

  1. Since you’ve been gone by Morgan Matson – I have been hearing a lot about Morgan Matson recently after “Unexpected Everything” got released. I really want to read “Amy and Roger’s epic detour” someday as it is about travel and road trip, which I am sure I will love. “Since you’ve been gone” is another book by her which is about female friendship, daring to go out of your comfort zone and doing something different for a change etc. Let me see if I will like her writing style and then I can decide about picking other books by this author.
  2. All the bright places by Jennifer Niven – I heard a lot about this book last year as everyone was comparing it with “The fault in our stars” which happens to be one of my all-time favorite books. I wanted to read this book badly but was scared to pick up because of all the comparisons that people were making. I don’t want it to feel like a rip-off of my favorite book. But still I want to give it a chance. It is about a boy and a girl who are planning to commit suicide or something of that sort. I heard it deals with depression and death.contemp1_sm
  3. Thirteen reasons why by Jay Asher – Another hyped book which is being made into a TV series soon. I liked the topic that this book was dealing with and I read somewhere that every parent should read this book. It talks about bullying which is a serious problem for kids and having never experienced it in my life (oh! actually I have – I was bullied in school for being too skinny), I do want to read and understand what bullying can do to a person. In this book, a girl commits suicide and then leaves audio CDs that give 13 reasons for her death.
  4. Landline by Rainbow Rowell – Even though I did not like Fangirl, I wanted to give Rainbow Rowell another chance and this time with an adult novel of hers. Many people who did not like Fangirl loved her other books, so I do want to read this book and see if I like her. This book I heard has time travel and about going back in time to make amends etc. I do not know a lot about the story but many people liked this book.contemp2_sm

Please suggest me some good YA or adult contemporaries as I am not aware of many good contemporary books. Did you read any good summery book this year?


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  1. I have heard that Landline is good. I just finished Eleanor & Park as an audiobook so I am dying to give her adult novels a try. There are a few contemporary adult novels that I think are pretty good out now. I liked “Relativity” by Antonia Hayes earlier this year which is about a little boy who is a physics genius. I am also making my way through “Be Frank With Me” by Julia Claiborne Johnson which was recommened and leant to me by someone. I am a third of the way through and hope to finish it and get a review up this weekend. If you love Classics and want a bit of that in your literature I am also listening to “The Weird Sisters” by Eleanor Brown which is about three sisters who are the daughters of a father who studie Shakespeare. That I am about a quarter of the way through.


    1. Relativity sounds really interesting. I added it to my goodreads tbr. Even “weird sisters” sounds pretty good. Thank you for such amazing recommendations. Will look for your reviews on these books.


      1. Thanks! I should have Weird Sisters up early this week. I posted Relativity some time ago but you should be able to search the blog and find it. It’s definitely a fun poetic read. I couldn’t put it down.

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  2. Have you read anything by Jodi Picoult? She’s one of my favorite authors.. My sister’s keeper, the tenth circle, Salem falls, and Mercy are some of her books that I’ve read and liked..


  3. There was a time when I was going through a ya/contemporary-binge-read-phase, and then I consciously tried to stay away for sometime. Now I find that I hardly own any of them. I read YA on and off, and do enjoy the genre on the whole. Yes, there are some hits and some misses, but that’s true for every genre.

    However, there are many very popular YA books that I haven’t read at all. For instance, I haven’t yet read Twilight. I own the entire series (from ages), and have always put it off for “later”, when I am in the ‘mindless romance mood’. It’s been years, and the mood hasn’t arrived. I know many people have very negative opinions about the series, but that’s not what has stopped me, because I know that I can enjoy mindless romances every now and then. They don’t always need to be great works of literature. But this limbo with Twilight is weird.

    And the same thing is happening with some other contemporary authors like – Colleen Hoover, Rainbow Rowell, and Stephanie Perkins. This summer I plan to go contemporary for a bit, to get over this mind-block. So, I really look forward to your reviews on some of these.

    P.S.Ana/Lola/Isla companion series is on my radar too.


    1. Yeah some years back even I found romance novels quite appealing. I even went on reading Nicholas Sparks books back to back but now I only feel like reading fantasy. Hopefully I will get in the right mood to read other genres this year. I am kind of forcing myself to read other genres.
      Even though many people don’t like Twilight, I did like it. I am not sure if I still like it as I haven’t tried reading it again. But I feel you should read it as I found it interesting when I read it.


  4. I fell for the cover of the wall paper and left it half read! I want to read thirteen reasons and all bright places … Thanks ash .. Let me see, see ..😅😘


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