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I saw this tag at Clockwork Bibliophile’s blog and really liked it. I wanted to do it from a long time. hp


A book that you found interesting but would like to rewrite

To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee – I know almost everyone loves this book but I did not like it mainly because of the annoying protagonist. I feel writing this book from the point of view of a irritating kid made it boring. There was hardly much focus on the victim or the main issue being addressed as we were distracted constantly by boring conversations and irrelevant side characters. This is one book that must be rewritten. The movie was much better I felt.mockingbird


The first book in a series that got you hooked

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin – The opening scene in this book itself was enough to get me hooked to this series. This book was so good that I had to read the entire series without taking a break. I even finished the boring 4th part of the series just because I wanted to know what was going to happen. It was a long time since I found a series this engrossing. Also I read these books before watching the TV show.got


A book that you wish you could have right now

The Winds of Winter by George R.R. Martin – I am dying to get my hands on this book. I have been waiting for this book for too long. Also with the direction that the TV series is taking – killing everyone off and bringing some unwanted characters back, I want to read what GRRM had in mind for the 6th part of the series. The TV show directors are not doing a good job this season and I am sure the book will be awesome. WindsofWinter

 Avada Kedavra

A killer book

1984 by George Orwell – I don’t think I was as scared, shocked, depressed ever as I was after finishing this book. One of those books that leave you speechless even after finishing it. The climax itself was a killer and totally unexpected.



A book you find confusing

2001: A space odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke – Brain-boggling? this book turned and twisted my brain like no book has ever done before. I read this book with a single hope that I might probably end up understanding the ending, which I found baffling and mysterious in the movie. But I ended up becoming even more confused about the ending, since the ending is slightly different from the movie. It is still one of the best books I have ever read.


 Expecto Patronum

Your spirit animal book

Famous Five series by Enid Blyton – Georgina or George from the series is like me in every possible way, except that I am not a dog person and also not as courageous as she is. But I think I can relate more to her than any other female character.



A dark, twisted book

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn – Nobody can beat Gillian Flynn when it comes to dark books with evil characters. This book gave me the creeps, it was so scary. The only time I get to read books is just before I sleep and that resulted in the nightmares.



A book that surprised you in a great way

Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov – When I started this series, I had no idea it was this suspenseful. The ending came in as a surprise. So there are a bunch of people who are looking for something and even you have no idea about it, and then the climax comes and you are surprised or rather shocked with the revelation. At the end, you keep wondering why you were unable to guess this twist earlier as it was so obvious from the beginning. This book and its climax really surprised me, so did the other books in this series. But this was the conclusion so I was even more surprised than I was in the other books.


I am not tagging anyone. Please feel free to pick this tag if you are interested.

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  1. What a wonderful tag. Loved your responses – not agreed with all of them though :-). I actually liked To Kill a Mockingbird more because it came from Scout. That’s what’s special about it. I just began reading Game of Thrones – yeah after everyone has been there – Just ended Book 2. And I haven’t seen the television series yet. But I agree they totally engross you – I was dreaming of Godswoods and wars and battles all these days. I have George Orwell lying in my bookshelf and am a bit apprehensive picking it up. Maybe I will now. Also I loved Gyllian Flynn’s Gone Girl – Dark Places is also on my TBR, ‘was’ I should say – I’m not much for scary stuff. Haven’t read Asimov. Sounds pickable.


    1. I am not sure why I found scout annoying. Most people liked the book because of that character. You should definitely read George Orwell. He is one of my most favorite authors. I liked Dark Places more than Gone girl. I feel it was her best book. Even though it is creepy, it was amazing! The suspense element was great in this book, compared to her other books. Asimov is one of my favorite authors too.. you definitely should try one of his books, if you like reading sci-fi.

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      1. Will start off on Orwell. He’s been lying around the longest, then Asimov. Still wary of Dark Places but who knows maybe one day.

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  2. I want to read the foundation novels. I thought I should read to kill a mockingbird, now maybe I am dropping it. I would love to read GRRM, but only if his books were smaller!! But I want to read the kite runner and the book thief ASAP.

    Destination Infinity


    1. I found To kill a mockingbird really boring.. probably the most boring book I have ever read 😀 Try reading “The knight of seven kingdoms” by GRRM. It is a collection of short stories – more like a prequel to Game of Thrones series. It is short and you will get a taste of his writing too. I did not like Book thief either, found it boring. But Kite runner is amazing, you should definitely read it.


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