First zoo visit

This weekend we went out for probably the first time after the little one made an entry into the world. We did go to hospitals/doctors and dined out few times but never made a day trip with the little one so far. He loves animals just like all the other kids so we thought why not take him to the local zoo. So we made a trip to San Francisco Zoo this weekend.

This was our first road trip with him and we realized how difficult it was to make him sit in the car for more than an hour. He was sleepy, bored, hungry and what not in this short trip. Also we had to go slowly and could only cover 50% of the zoo this time. We mostly took him to see those animals that we thought he might enjoy looking at. That included mostly big animals that were easy to spot and we skipped insects, birds and snakes part of the zoo.

He liked most of the animals that we saw there – Giraffes, Zebras, Ostrich, Peacock, Peahen, Flamingos, Snow Leopard, Grizzly bear, Polar bear, Lions, Tigers, Parrots, Rhinoceros, Deer, Hippopotamus etc. We thought he would love Gorilla as he has a big monkey doll which is his favorite soft toy. But he was pretty indifferent towards it, which was surprising. Also more than animals, he was more interested in watching other kids at the zoo.

We also took him on his first train ride. There is a small train that takes you around the zoo and to say that he loved it would be an understatement. Husband lifted him so that he could see the engine ahead and he kicked the lady in the front seat. Lol. He wanted to go and touch the engine.

The only animal that scared him in the zoo was the peacock because of the high pitched scary sounds that it was making. I never knew it could scream so loudly. Also it was not in a cage and was roaming around freely so junior got scared when it was screaming and running towards him.


The zoo shop was also good. There were so many stuffed animal toys there to choose from. We let the junior choose the animals that he wanted and he chose these. He loves the tiger a lot and the others not so much after coming home.


I also got him couple of animal board books from the zoo. Both these books are wonderful. The illustrations in “I am a little tiger” are amazing. I got it only for the illustrations.


Most scared of: Peacock because of its calls

Most enjoyed looking at: Flamingos

Most excited about: Train ride

Most indifferent towards: Gorilla


After the zoo, we saw the Cliff House, Land’s End and Sutro Baths and then we headed towards the Baker beach. Last time we were there, we could not see the Golden Gate bridge at all because of the fog. This time we could see it partially. Also this was the first time that the junior visited a beach. So another milestone for him. For the first time, he saw so much of water and was quite surprised.

He saw lot of things for the first time this weekend. We need to take him to more places and let him explore and learn. My parents were with us and that made the trip even more fun. Thankfully, summer is here and sun sets after 7:30 PM or so! 😀

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