Oldest books on my tbr pile

I had a tbr pile which was quite intimidating and most of those books were bought in library sales, just because they were cheap. I was not interested in reading most of them so I got rid of them by giving them back to the library. So now I have a small tbr pile which has books that I mostly bought this year or the last year. These days I think twice or even thrice before buying a book and I almost never buy books impulsively just because they are on sale. I only buy books that I want to read in the near future – either this year or the next year.

There are 14 books left in my tbr pile at my house (there are few more at parents’ house) which were bought more than 2 years back. They have been sitting on my bookshelf for many years now and I want to read these books sooner than later. So I made this list of books that I want to prioritize over my other books, since they have been unread for the longest time.

  1. Foundation series  prequels and sequels (4 books) by Isaac Asimov – Foundation series is one of my most favorite series ever. But unfortunately, I bought the prequels and sequels after many years of completing the original trilogy. As a result, I had forgotten everything and had to reread the original trilogy in order to read them. That was the reason for having these books lie on my tbr pile for 4 years now. I am planning to reread the trilogy and all these 4 books early next year. Star Wars was kinda inspired from these novels.
  2. Contact by Carl Sagan – I love the movie which is based on this book and that was the reason for buying the book. But I had watched the movie multiple times so there was no suspense left. I let this book sit on my bookshelf for 4 yrs or so just because I wanted to read it after the movie story was erased from my memory. That has been finally achieved as I no longer remember many details from the movie. So it is time to read this book.
  3. Neuromancer by William Gibson – I bought this book as it inspired one of my favorite movies – Matrix. I started reading this book more than 4 yrs back and for some reason, I found it difficult to follow the story. I have kept this book with a hope that maybe I was not in the right mood to read. I want to give this book another chance before abandoning it. I am sure I will like this book, if I can make sense of what is happening in it. list1_sm
  4. Chanakya’s Chant by Ashwin Sanghi – I wanted to read an Indian book and that was the reason for buying it as I heard great reviews about this book. I also admire Chanakya a lot for his wit and wisdom. I read few chapters of this book and for some reason, I did not pick it up again even after 4 years of buying it.
  5. Showcase presents Batman vol1 by Gardner F. Fox – This was an impulsive purchase at a comic book store, just because I love Batman and the old Batman TV series. Apparently, this series of comics is what inspired the TV series and that was the reason for buying this book. This book is huge and because of its size, I haven’t picked it yet.
  6. Message in a bottle by Nicholas Sparks – There was a time when I liked Nicholas Sparks books a lot and read them back to back. After few years, I somehow lost interest in his books as I went into a crazy fantasy/sci-fi mood. I did not feel like reading another book by him from last few years. I loved this movie so I do want to read this book atleast.
  7. Madame Curie: A biography by Eve Curie – I admire Madame Curie as she is one of the very few well-known female scientists. I do want to read this book sometime. I am not sure why I haven’t picked it yet. list2_sm
  8. Night by Elie Wiesel – This was an impulsive purchase just because I saw this book at a sale. It is a holocaust first-person account so it will be a sad story and that is the only reason for not having read it yet. But I do want to get to it soon.
  9. The world as I see it by Albert Einstein – I wanted to read this book so badly and that was the reason for buying it some 6 years or so back. It has been sitting on my shelf ever since and I need to read it soon.
  10. Chaos by James Gleick – Another book which has been sitting for maybe 6 years or so on my shelf. I have read 30-40% of the book and after that, I never got back to it. It is a science book with lot of technical stuff which takes a while to understand. It is a book that you need to read very slowly with lot of patience and that’s probably the reason for not having finished it.
  11. Cosmos by Carl Sagan – This is just like the book I mentioned above. This one is the oldest on my list here. It has been on my shelf for 7-8 years now. I have read around 40% or so of the book and it takes a lot of time to complete 10 pages, as it is full of interesting information. These books are meant to be read slowly and I need some time to read this book. I love Carl Sagan’s books and I loved the Cosmos TV show so I know this book will be one of my favorites. list3_sm

Do you have such books on your shelves too?

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  1. Some of my tbr books have been on my shelves for so long, they become invisible! They’re completely forgotten! Like you, they need to be prioritized and finally read!


  2. Even though you have seen the move, it is better to read the book. I always enjoy reading the book after I have seen the movie. The scenic descriptions and the emotion the writer brings out is mostly not there in a movie. For example: Love Story movie starring Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw.. The same Love Story book written by Erich Segal.


  3. Oh I do the same thing that you did. Buying books because they were on sale. The Yellow Emperor’s Cure is one such book. It’s been fathering dust. Pity because it’s such a beautiful hardback. Ashwin Sanghi’s style of writing is one of the best commercial styles in India. He’s sort of like the Dan Brown of India. Do let me know if you end up reading it.


  4. I have loads of such books, which were an impulse buy! I am slowly reading them one by and one and have decided not to buy anything new, until I get through the ones I have.


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