Classics book haul

I recently went on classics buying spree. There were many classics editions that I had been eyeing for a long time. I decided it was time to buy them as I am planning to read some classics this year and next year. So I got myself some of these wonderful editions of classics, most of which I have already read.

  1. Alice’s adventures in wonderland – This is my most favorite classic I think. I already own a copy of this book, but this edition is just too beautiful to not own. The illustrations inside were just amazing. The cover art itself was enough to make me hit buy. Also I must read this book again soon.
  2. Anne of green gables – I love this book a lot and had read it after borrowing a copy from the library. I wanted to own a copy of this book for a long time now. So I decided I will go with a good edition, instead of some paperback. This is a beautiful edition with such a great cover art. classic1_new_smalice2
  3. The wizard of oz – I have seen the movie but have not read the books. So I decided it was time for me to read this. I bought the five novel collection as I want to build my son’s library too. Hoping that he will like this book (once he is old enough to read it).
  4. Peter Pan – Again, I have seen the Disney movie but not read the book. I found this amazing edition and I had to buy it! classic2_new_sm
  5. Merry adventures of Robin Hood  – This one is a childhood favorite of mine. There are various versions of this book and I am not sure if I have read this version at all. This looked like the oldest version available so decided to get this. I want to read this book again soon. And the leather jacket is just amazing with quotations from the book. classic3_sm
  6. Robinson Crusoe – Finally, I got an edition of Robinson Crusoe which is again a childhood favorite of mine. I have probably read an abridged version of this book as a kid, as the size of this book is bigger than the one I read as a kid. I love this story so much. I want to read the complete version sometime soon. And I love how this book looks. classic4_sm
  7. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

So these were some of the beautiful books that I bought recently. Out of these 6, only 2 books are unread.

Have you read any of these books?

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  1. I’ve read 1 & 6 when I was little. 1 especially had a fantastic effect on me, and I remember dreaming of going to such a fantasy world myself! I wish fantasy would have the same effect on my even now, but alas we grow up and get exposed to REALITY!!

    Destination Infinity


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