Books on my shelves

I always wanted to have a home library of my own with all the books that I love. I have been discarding books that I do not like and have been collecting those that are my favorites for sometime now. I finally added all the books that I own into an excel sheet.

I, then, drew pie charts so that I know which genres I own more books of. These pie charts also give an idea about the genres I read the most books from, as I own most of the books I read. I hardly borrow books from library and I have started using Kindle only in the last year or so (even though I own it from a long time).

First pie chart talks about the adult and young adult fiction, nonfiction books I own. It also lists the books that I have bought for my son to read as a baby and also some children books that I bought when I was a child and some that I am buying in order to build my son’s library. I have also mentioned the books on my kindle in this chart. Fiction and nonfiction books are competing and I own almost same amount of books in both genre.

own_allbooks Now a detailed pie chart on fiction books only. I was surprised by this chart as I expected to own more science fiction books than anything else. What I found instead was that I owned a lot of fantasy books. I do not own many contemporary YA novels with me. Also need to work on classics.


Finally, pie chart of my non-fiction books. Again I was surprised to see travel books topping my non-fiction list. I expected science books to top. I own a lot of memoirs (also includes biographies), which I did not think I did. That’s a lot of baby/parenting/pregnancy books I own. I will get rid of some of them soon. Others has all other sub-genre of nonfiction books that did not belong to any of the categories listed.


I also did a chart with the books that I have read and unread – just to get an idea of my tbr-pile. I split my unread books into fiction and non-fiction –



I bought more books in the last 2 years than I did earlier. Also I don’t own a lot of unread books sitting for years together on my shelf. own-tbr-chart

I want to draw more pie charts like these to analyze my reading when I get some time. Have you done any kind of analysis on the books that you have read or own?

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  1. I typically analyse my reading patterns at the end of each year – to help set the next year’s goal. I love making graphs and pie charts to track reading progress (and I was sure I was the only one). Glad to find such great company! 😀


  2. Books on the shelf. My thoughts go around a long distance. Have you read a book titled The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was also made a movie by the same title starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. It won 2 Academy Awards. It talks a great deal about library. How they set up their libraries – Old Money vs New Money.


  3. This is a good way to keep track of what we read. I wanted to do this long time ago, but I didn’t find the time for it. Hoping to get my statistics done soon’ish.. 🙂


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