Hugh Grant’s movies – Review

This post was pending from more than a year. I had drafted this post on Mar 4, 2015 @ 14:42 and the initial draft of this post was done on 16 Feb, 2015 @ 14:49. Whew! it has been lying in my drafts for more than a year. Today I was cleaning up all the draft posts, as there were many topics on which I did not want to write anymore. That was when I found this draft. I watched these movies last year and was planning to review them both. Hugh Grant is one of my most favorite actors. I mean, just look at him. Isn’t he one of the most handsome actors ever?! I watched these movies without reading any review or without any recommendation from anyone and still loved them. They are not so popular and well-known I feel and that was the reason why I wanted to review these underrated movies.

The Englishman who went up a hill but came down a mountain (1995)

I saw this movie just because it had Hugh Grant in it and also because of the title of the movie. The title is so long and does not make sense until you finish watching the movie. Since I had read or heard nothing about this movie, I had no idea what it was about. I just loved this movie! It is definitely one of my favorite movies. It is funny, sweet and the story is different. I watched this movie and I was like it’s “Swades”! Swades was definitely a rip-off of this movie and all these years I kept thinking Swades is one of those few original movies that were made in Bollywood. The story is different from the one in Swades but the scenes and the basic content is essentially similar. The story takes place in a Welsh village which has a mountain. Everyone in the village is very proud of that mountain as it is the first mountain inside Wales. Now a cartographer (Hugh Grant) comes to this village in order to measure the mountain. What he finds out is that it is too small to be considered a mountain and that in fact, it is a hill. And it seems only mountains are mentioned on the maps so this hill which was a mountain will no longer be present in the maps. What goes on after that is too interesting and I don’t want to spoil the fun by writing here. Before watching this movie, I had no idea that there was even a difference between a mountain and a hill. 🙂

Read these funny quotes from the movie –

Thomas Twp Too: And how d’you know later?

Reginald Anson: Well, w-we’ve made, um, we’ve made measurements with those two hills, and w-we already know the height of Newton Beacon and Whitchurch Hill…

Thomas Twp: But how were they measured?

Reginald Anson: The same way, by comparing them with other hills.

Thomas Twp Too: But who measured the first hill?

Rev. Robert Jones: [whispering] God. God, my boy. God.

Four weddings and a funeral (1994)


This is a sweet rom-com which I again watched with zero expectations as I had heard no reviews on this movie before. A man who is British and a woman who is American meet each other only in four weddings and a funeral and they fall in love. They live in different continents and the only reason they meet is because of few mutual friends who get married. Isn’t it an amazing plot?! I again found the plot very different and unique. Hugh Grant as usual is charming and I loved the movie.

Other Hugh Grant movies I have seen –

  1. Notting Hill – one of my most favorite romantic movies ever. This was the movie that made me like Hugh Grant so much.
  2. Sense and Sensibility – a great adaptation of Jane Austen’s book. Before watching this movie, I had given up on Jane Austen (after not liking her novels).
  3. Music and lyrics – Another rom-com which was great. Hugh Grant is a singer who is unable to write decent lyrics for a song. That’s when he meets Drew Barrymore who is really good at writing.
  4. Love actually – I saw this movie long time back and don’t even remember anything about it.
  5. Cloud Atlas – I slept through this movie – first and last time this ever happened. We went to a late night show and I was exhausted. I watched about 50% of the movie I think 😛
  6. Bridget Jones’ diary – Not a favorite movie but Colin Firth and Hugh Grant! Enough reasons to watch it.
  7. Bridget Jones: the edge of reason – Sequel to Bridget Jones’ Diary. Same reason to watch it.

I need to watch these other movies of his: About a boy, Two weeks notice and many more.

Have you seen any of these movies?

17 thoughts on “Hugh Grant’s movies – Review

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  1. I have watched (and loved) Notting Hill. He is reason enough to watch any movie, but this was pretty awesome. And I had not yet heard of the two you mentioned – will look them up. Thanks. 🙂


  2. Notting Hill and Sense and Sensibility are thwo movies of Hugh Grant that I have watched. I will have to check out other movies of him. Thanks for putting this on my radar !


  3. I’ve actually watched The Englishman…I watched it a long time back. Four Weddings and a Funeral had just come out, and Hugh Grant was so good, that I then checked out his next movie, which turned out to be The Englishman…

    He’s really a very nice actor, and very funny as well 🙂


  4. I happened to watch one of his films today, two weeks notice or was it two weeks notice period! With Sandra Bullock .. Seen a few of them.. Kind of enjoyed music and lyrics.. Notting hill with Julia Andrews is a fav.. 🙂


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