One happy day

My son’s daycare adventure always had downs but I finally see something good happening. We enrolled him in a daycare that hubby and I really liked even before he was born. But our experience was bad when we took him there on his first day. We noticed that the teachers did not even pick up or calm kids when they were crying. They just let the kids cry and did not bother to do anything about it. A boy was literally dumped into the crib by the teacher to sit and cry (even when he was awake). That was when I lost all hopes of sending him to a daycare. We frantically started searching for a nanny, which was an option we had decided not to explore.

We started searching for a nanny for few days. Meanwhile, we took him to this other daycare, where we were not planning to send him but had enrolled him there as a backup. Guess what happened, we loved it! The teachers were great and they made sure the kids did not cry for more than a few minutes max. They treated the kids with love and affection. Most importantly, my son liked them and would give his trademark smile to the teachers. That’s when we again scrapped the idea of searching for a nanny. I cannot leave my son with some random woman at home alone. I am paranoid about it after watching so many videos of nannies treating kids badly. One of my friends has installed cameras at home, but I feel daycare is much better. There are other kids in daycare and he can enjoy the company of other kids, instead of being cooped at home with some woman who may or may not treat him well.

He started playing and having fun at the daycare. But dropping him at daycare was still painful as he would cry every single day. Because of that, I would end up crying on my way to office. Then this horrible task of dropping him was delegated to the husband. But when he could not drop him, I still had to cry. Today for the very first time, he did not cry and was busy playing to even notice his mom leaving. Yayy! I have never been so happy. Just like his teacher said, sending the kid to daycare for some days makes them understand that parents will eventually pick them up. So now that he understands that we are going to pick him up in the evening, he has started enjoying his stay there. Also thanks to the new toys that he finds there to play as he is already bored of every single toy at home.

Every time I pick him up, I talk to his teachers to find out how his day went. I get to hear so many interesting stories like how he pulled another kid’s hair or how he snatched a toy from another kid. Lol. Today I saw another kid trying to snatch a toy from my son’s hand. Teacher asked him not to do that but he was still persistent. These kids are so small, they won’t even understand anything. I am sure he will learn a lot by interacting with other kids. But his eating habits have to be still fixed as he doesn’t like to eat. Anyway, I wanted to record this day on my blog. Happy baby = happy mom! 🙂


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  1. Little kids are difficult to manage. They do what they please, and just don’t listen! They become better whilst in the company of other kids.

    Destination Infinity


    1. Yes very true DI. He doesn’t even understand what I am saying so can’t even expect him to behave well.


  2. Transitions are always hard for babies and parents. Being persistent is the only way. Glad the transition phase is over now ☺


    1. Yes true Dil. I had a hard time 😦


  3. Truly a happy day 🙂 It’s great that you could find a good daycare.


    1. Yes Nish. I am grateful to all the teachers.


  4. Elizabeth says:

    I also used to worry a lot till I found a good daycare/play school when my maid was off for two months. She loved that place so much that I continued to put her in play group even after my maid returned. I just hope and wish that you don’t have to change the place for any reason


    1. Yes hope so. In few months, he will be moving to a different class, so not sure how the teachers are there. Need to see

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      1. Elizabeth says:

        Teachers and maids matter a lot. They can actual break or make the deal for you…Keep your fingers crossed. All my wishes to you 🙂


      2. Thanks Elizabeth 🙂

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  5. Jazz says:

    Hey AK thanks for sharing this.. some my friends tell me how daycare would be the last option for them and I was worried.. but we felt daycare is a better option for the kids progress, hoping we fine a good daycare for her too


    1. I think it depends on the daycare and the teachers Jazz. We did visit some horrible day cares as part of our search. Spend some time and observe how they are taking care of the kids. That will give you an idea. I somehow did not want to go through the nanny route at all.


  6. pins & ashes says:

    Happppy day.. Reminds of my brother’s initial weeks when he joined school and I had to drop him to his class. The boy would wrap his hands around my waist and refuse to get in. First day I sat with him for a while. Second day i somehow managed to escape into my class, third day he stubbornly came with me to my classroom. my then class 3 teacher somehow pacified him and sent him to his junior kg. It took a while for him to get used to the idea ..


    1. My initial days at school were very similar to your brother’s. 🙂 my mom had to come and sit in the class with me to make me go to school. Hehe

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  7. NS says:

    That is wonderful! How old is he now? After a certain age, daycare is good because it enhances their skills. Glad he is enjoying it now!


    1. He is 9 months old now 🙂 he is quite young but seems to having fun with other kids so far.


  8. shanayatales says:

    Oh yeah. I have been through this period of transition in Fall, when I dropped my son off to his first day of preschool. Everyone kept telling me that it will get easier, but the transition was very difficult (for me). I too had written a post about it, and the overwhelming reassurances made me feel so much better.

    Glad to know your little one has adjusted well, and is enjoying the daycare. Things will only get better from here on. 🙂


    1. I still worry a lot about him and it is difficult to concentrate on work actually 😦 I read your post and could relate to everything you wrote!


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