November ebooks haul

This is the first thanksgivings where I have shopped so much online. Not that I would shop offline on Black Friday. I have never shopped during the thanksgivings time since I was never in town during that time :P. Since we get 4 days off, every single year we went on a trip somewhere. Even this year, we had planned to go out but my son fell sick and so did his dad. We did not go on a trip this time and instead, I looked for deals online. Thanks to some groups that I am a member of, I did not even have to search for deals. Some person would post about a great deal and I would just hit buy. This led to some impulsive shopping which I now regret.

This time I mostly shopped for books since reading is the only hobby that I am able to pursue these days. This is the first time I saw so many ebooks on sale. I now have enough books to read for another year.

The following are the ebooks that I bought this month –

1. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah – This book won best historical fiction award on Goodreads, after I bought it. I had no idea it was this popular when I bought it. It is a book whose story is based in Nazi/WWII timeframe. I was intrigued by the blurb and plan to read it soon.

2. Genius: Life and Science of Richard Feynman by James Gleick – Surely you’re joking Mr. Feynman” is one of my most favorite books ever. His biography was something that I wanted to read for a long time now. Also I have read another book on Isaac Newton written by James Gleick which I liked, so this book was already on my to be read list.

3. Me and Earl and the dying girl by Jesse Andrews– It’s been long since I read a light funny young adult novel. This book is supposed to be humorous and there is already a movie based on this book that got released this year.

4. 1000 places to see before you die – This book was also on my must-read list for quite sometime and when I saw it on sale, I had to buy it. This will help me build a bucket list of places to visit.

5. 1000 foods to eat before you die – You visit a new place/country and have no idea what to eat. This is the situation where this book might come handy and since it is an ebook, it is easier to carry whenever we travel.


6. Atomic Accidents: A history of nuclear meltdowns and disasters  by Jim Mahaffey – I had no idea such a book even existed. There were less number of reviews for this book, but I found the topic interesting. I have a feeling I might like this book.

7. Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod – This is one more book which I was unfamiliar with. This is a nonfiction about a person who goes to Paris after taking a break from work and finds the love of her life there. I would love to take a break and live in a different country for a while, so I found this book interesting enough to buy.

8. Annapurna by Maurice Herzog – I remember adding this book into my must-read list after reading “Into thin air”. I was so interested in mountaineering after finishing that book that I wanted to read one more book about climbing a mountain. So when I saw it on sale, I bought it immediately.

9. Micro by Michael Crichton – I love this author and have read many of his books, but not this one which he wrote partially. It was completed after his death by Richard Preston. I have read mixed reviews about this book and was not so keen on buying it. But since it was on sale, I bought it.

10. Airport by Arthur Hailey – Arthur Hailey is one of those famous authors whom I have not read at all. My dad likes his books and this book especially, along with the movie based on this book are his favorites. I plan to read this book someday.

I also bought couple of cookbooks. Not that I have a lot of time to cook with such a small baby at home, but just to browse and to dream about those yummy food. 😀

So these were my book hauls this year. How about you? Did you get any books recently?



12 thoughts on “November ebooks haul

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  1. This is a perfect tag for a blog post!
    I don’t like ebooks…. Not a huge fan of them. Heh!
    I still buy and borrow regular books from the library


  2. Wow! That really is a lot of books! I got one recently, as an early Christmas gift The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. It’s a fantasy series. I haven’t yet started it. I have some pending books for reviewing as well. Not getting the time these days to do any reading! 😦
    -Chicky @ miss_teerious


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