Recent book haul

Thanksgivings = sales and sales = shopping. This is what happened from last few weeks. There were so many deals that I could not resist myself from buying a truckload of books. Earlier this year, I had resolved to not buy any more books, but still ended up buying many. From now onwards, I want to be accountable for any book I buy, hence this book haul post.

Coming to the books that I bought recently, I bought a signed copy of “All the light we cannot see” by Anthony Doerr. The most hyped book in recent times and I have the author’s signature right there on the first page. How exciting is it! I can’t wait to read the book. I also bought a signed copy of “Paper Towns” by John Green. I have already read the book, but then how could I not buy a book autographed by one of my favorite authors?! I also bought an awesome hardbound copy of “The ultimate hitchhikers guide to the galaxy” by Douglas Adams and “Foundation trilogy” by Isaac Asimov – which I have already read and are my favorite books.



I also have George R.R. Martin’s “The World of Ice and Fire” which I had pre-ordered. I read 25% of the book and now it has been gathering dust. The illustrations in the book are amazing and this book is totally worth buying just for the drawings. This book is very detailed and humongous in size, which is the only reason for not having finished it. Adding to the signed copies collection, I got “Mission to Mars” by Buzz Aldrin, autographed by the author himself. And the most amazing thing is that I got it autographed myself. I got to meet the second man on moon in person and he even asked me “Hi, how are you doing”, before signing this book. It is one of the happiest days in my life for sure.


Let me give you a glimpse at all the signatures on the books –


As if these books were not enough, earlier this month I bought these four –


Two of the books by Indian authors were bought in India. This time I got plenty of books by Indian authors since I have not read many in the last few years. These two books are quite popular and hopefully, I will like them. The other books are from the Maze Runner series by James Dashner which is one of my favorite series now. I already finished the third part – The Death Cure and loved it! Now I am eager to read the prequel – The Kill Order.

I love the Wimpy kid series so I pre-ordered the latest book – Old School in the series and finished reading it within a day. I loved this new book too!


As part of the thanksgivings day sales, I got myself this new George R.R. Martin’s A Knight of the seven kingdoms book. Illustrations are lovely. Now need to make time for this huge book.


So these are the hardcopy fiction books I got recently. I did buy few non-fiction books too. Will be back with another post about the ebooks that I bought.

6 thoughts on “Recent book haul

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  1. Awesome! 🙂
    That hardbound copy of Hitchhikers looks delicious! I have to get my hands on that! 😀
    Oh and Palace of Illusions is an amazing book. One of my favorites of recent times! Am sure you’ll like it!
    PS: Missed the post about your blog link change! Saw your comment and landed here..


    1. Will read Palace of Illusions soon then. I have been hearing so much about that book! 🙂
      I did not post this new blog link on the old blog. I am giving the link to only blog friends, instead of redirecting everyone to this new blog.


  2. Ooh, huge haul. The Foundation series is one of my favorites, but the ones I have are old battered second-hand books. I am drooling now at the thought of a hard-cover Foundation set.

    How are you finding A World of Ice and Fire? Is it like a history of Westeros and Essos?


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