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I love to travel and looks like this travel bug caught me quite early in life. One of the reasons for liking travel is probably the nomadic nature of my early life when we switched cities every few years. It was fun relocating to an entirely new city, going to a new school in a totally different area with different set of people. Couple of decades back, I was watching travel shows and writing the names of the places that were shown in the various episodes of the TV series. This was my first travel bucket list which listed all the places that I wanted to visit.

I recently finished reading “The bucket list of a traveloholic” by Sarika Pundit and I loved the book. It made me think about my bucket list, which is an ever growing list. It’s been a while since I loved a book so much. I read this book with zero expectations and read it on a whim just because I found the blurb interesting. Sarika has checked some items off her bucket list and I realized some of these items are already part of my bucket list. This is probably the main reason for liking the book. I got to visit many countries virtually through her book. You will definitely like this book if you love traveling. My favorite part of the book has to be the literary trail in UK.



While cleaning my room, I recently found a diary that had my entries about the episodes from a travel show aired on TV back in 1994. I took photos of few of these pages from the diary and have added them below. Please excuse the illegible handwriting. These entries were made when I was in my primary school. My handwriting got much better as I entered my middle/high school. Looks like I liked the episodes on New Zealand, France, Colorado, Ireland, Hungary, Disney World (I knew this. This was THE episode that made me want to visit Disney Land and Disney World so badly.), Toronto, Denmark and many more places. So looks like I caught the travel bug when I was not even a teenager.

collage1-small-593x300collage2-small-615x300collage3-small-612x300Do you like to travel? If you do, when did you catch the travel bug in your life?

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  1. Feel very happy to see one more person who has saved her old, school days’ books…notes like me! Baby handwriting, noting down her wishes…How many places have you covered? Another 10-15 years and your child will read this!


    1. I think I have only covered Disney World in this old list of mine. I found this diary while cleaning so now I have the wish list 🙂 even you still have your school days’ books with you? That’s so nice


  2. I am sure I caught it when I was in primary shool too.. actually my school had a exchange programme with a school here in uk.. and I had come to uk for 2 weeks..

    After that I had again gone to italy . And hence the bug go and visit a places. .


  3. Hey, did you notice? You had predicted ‘Apps’ when you were in Primary. If only had you patented it . . . 😛

    I was not a travel enthusiast. My interest in travel grew slowly. First I want to explore India, let’s see how many places in India I am able to cover…

    Destination Infinity


  4. We have travelled to more than 25 countries. The 2 places we want to visit again and again are (our personal preference) are Venice, Italy and Penang, Malaysia.


  5. Wow! I am impressed. Maintaining a diary when you were a kid is really cool. I have had lots of diaries containing notes, quotes, TV programs, books etc. I have been traveling for work since the last 20 years. Have traveled to most parts of the country except the seven sisters which may happen anytime soon!


  6. I’ve loved traveling forever, I think. With two small kids, and coordinating office leaves, and school holidays and stuff, not to mention the cost of taking four people anywhere, it gets tougher by the year.

    Now mostly, I watch travel programs on TV, and read travel blogs 😦 Do you watch Globetrekker? It’s one of my fave programs.


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