16 popular sci-fi authors to read

As you can easily say from the blog name, I love science and science-fiction. It is my most favorite genre when it comes to reading books. I have read many science fiction authors, but there are quite a few that I have not been able to read. So here is a list of popular authors that I hope to read someday. This list is more of a wishlist for my reference.

I have listed below authors and their most famous books next to their names –

  1. Frank Herbert – Dune
  2. Terry Pratchett – The Color of Magic (Discworld, #1)
  3. Dan Simmons – Hyperion
  4. Robert A. Heinlein – Stranger in a strange land and Starship Troopersscifi_1
  5. Anne McCaffrey – Dragonflight (Pern, #1)
  6. William Gibson – Neuromancer
  7. Philip K. Dick – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  8. Ursula K. Le Guin – A Wizard of Earthseascifi_2
  9. Neal Stephenson – Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon
  10. Kurt Vonnegut – Slaughterhouse-five
  11. John Wyndham – The Day of the Triffids
  12. Iain M. Banks – The player of games (Culture #2)scifi_3
  13. Margaret Atwood – The Handmaid’s Tale
  14. Madeleine L’Engle – A Wrinkle in Time (A Wrinkle in Time Quintet, #1)
  15. Larry Niven – The Mote in God’s Eye (Moties #1) and Ringworld
  16. Daniel Keyes – Flowers for Algernonscifi_4

Let me know if you have come across any other authors that should be part of this wishlist of mine. Which authors are on your wishlist?

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